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Award winning Imperial heart failure pathway built on strong partnerships




Last Thursday, Imperial College Healthcare and North West London ICS received two HSJ awards for their transformative work for heart failure patients.

This was well deserved recognition for building the foundation in collaboration with their partners, which led to stunning results and improvement at scale at North West London ICS.

What’s their secret?

It all started with pathway transformation.

Designing the best pathway for heart failure patients required strong stakeholder involvement from internal hospital teams, industry collaborators and academic research partners, Imperial College Health Partners.

But the clinical team wanted to not only transform the pathway, but also integrate scalable digital solutions.

This lead to to the UK’s first remote monitoring medicine optimisation model for heart failure patients.

Imperial was looking for a digital partner to give clinicians freedom and flexibility to reimagine their pathway. They found that partner in Luscii.

By close collaboration, they were able to design and deliver the right data parameters, exported directly from the dashboard, resulting in actionable outcomes and analysis.

Clinical teams could respond with instant pathway changes, optimising their pathway for the good of the wider service.

Strong impact delivered at scale

A group of patients using Luscii were followed-up for three months.

Compared to a control group, the Luscii patients showed a 65 per cent reduction in A&E attendance and 81 per cent reduction in unplanned admissions.

The impact on costs was significant, with a 65 per cent reduction in healthcare costs over a period of 90 days.

The vision of Luscii and the clinical teams was supported by NHSx, who helped bring the solutions to scale.

Winning the NHS Digital Health Partnership 2021 award paved the way to establishing remote monitoring across all providers and all conditions within NWL ICS.

The benefits to patients and staff will be far reaching, with improved long term management, better coordinated multidisciplinary team support and fewer hospital admissions.

Thanks to the pioneering work of Imperial, the same pathway design and questionnaires are now replicated across other ICS sites and other hospitals are seeing similar results.

The London North West University Healthcare (LNWH) heart failure team are seeing the same high impact, with a 60 per cent reduction in hospital admission and 63 per cent reduction of A&E attendance (presented during LMDC22).

Luscii’s UK MD – Chris Malone, said:

“Digital is a change agent – but it requires a deep combined team effort to achieve real success.

“This is exactly what you see in play here and it is being replicated across our deployments in the uk.

“This really is one of the key ways we will tackle the enormity of the current challenges in the uk health service”.

So the secret? The power of collaboration.

Over 70 clinical pathways are available in the Luscii Library, as well as many examples of Virtual Ward deployments across the NHS.

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