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Diagnosed at home: Accurate flu testing kits launched by UK doctor service 

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Diagnosed at home: Accurate flu testing kits launched by UK doctor service 

The flu and COVID-19 testing kits are said to provide almost immediate and accurate diagnoses for patients, freeing up doctors and allowing patients to be diagnosed at home. 

Rapid flu and COVID-19 combo test kits have been launched as part of a visiting doctor service, providing an almost immediate accurate diagnosis for patients. Doctorcall says the kits will help monitor outbreaks in the community and prevent further spread faster.

A result identifying an active infection for either influenza A/B viruses (Flu A/B) or COVID-19 is ready in fifteen minutes, administered in the same way as a COVID-19 lateral flow test.

With the short incubation period of the three viruses, rapid detection is essential to both improve treatment and reduce the possibility of further spread. 

If deemed necessary by the medical professional on the ground, a test can be administered and a result almost immediately provided.  

For flu, they can provide oseltamivir (Tamiflu) medication; this can reduce the complications of flu such as pneumonia by 44% and the risk of hospitalisation by 63% when taken within 48 hours.

These tests will both identify the issue whilst also help to monitor for outbreaks in the community and protect any vulnerable people who may otherwise have come into contact with the patient.

Early diagnosis “vital”

Dr Charles Levinson, Doctorcall Medical Director commented: “Early diagnosis for any medical condition is vital and these kits will allow our doctors to obtain the sufficient knowledge to deliver efficient and timely treatment for our patients.”

“A difficult season for flu was expected and sadly those predictions are coming to pass. Pressure is being felt and that has reflected in our experience with far more flu call-outs than recent years, even before the pandemic.”

 “Symptoms of COVID and flu can often be confused, so to have reasonably definitive results within minutes is a valuable tool which could ultimately save lives. 

“Influenza is a debilitating illness which kills thousands and thousands even in a ‘good year’. Much of the scientific progress made throughout the pandemic can positively impact our response to flu pandemics and these kits are just one example of that. 

“I’m delighted that we are able to provide them for our patients.”

 “This latest development will help to cement Doctorcall’s position as a leading innovator in private medicine.”

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