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Developers of cancer fighting tech appeal for new backers

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Maxine Wilson and Chris Wilson

A couple who has injected £1m into the development of technology to fight against cancer are appealing for new backers to boost its progress.

Chris and Maxine Wilson pledged to improve on treatment available after Chris’s dad, Andrew, died aged 85 in 2015. He had been treated for prostate cancer three years earlier and developed complications.

They are now at the helm of a latest testing phase for a patented Cryoneedle Cryotherapy device for destroying cancerous tumours.

Cryoneedle works by destroying cancerous tumours using a cryo probe to create intense cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue.

It does not require open surgery and is less invasive, reducing infection risk, aiding faster recovery, consequently minimising pain, bleeding and other complications.

Chris Wilson said: “When my dad was so very ill, we weren’t happy with the treatment available and after we sadly lost him, we channelled our energy into researching how things could be done differently.

“We embarked on what has been a very challenging journey of fighting to keep our vision alive and getting in front of the right people. Investing such a sum and adding more, significant investment was obviously massive for us.

“We did this after we were introduced to the world of cryogenics through connections we built, and we also worked really hard to go through the whole patenting process. We never imagined the journey that lay ahead but as patents have now been granted, we can see how far we have come.”

More investment, adding up to £500,000, has come from a business partner combined with a private backer.

Wilson added: “We have worked around the clock and forced open doors that had been shut to us. to see the global impact of the new Pfizer anti-Covid vaccine and the story behind it helps us know we can get where we need to be and are on the right track.

“Now we are looking to forge a new partnership or backing from a major company to help take this forward to the next stage.”

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1 Comment

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