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Visionable receives $5.5million to transform US healthcare market with Verizon



Visionable has secured $5.5 million (£4.3 million) in funding to propel its expansion into the US market.

This follows the company’s achievements in the NHS and national prison service and has been further fortified through a strategic partnership with the telecommunications company, Verizon.

Verizon, which ranks among the top 30 Fortune 500 companies in the US, has joined forces with Visionable to spearhead the advancement of connected healthcare in the US.

Visionable’s technology is supported by 5G connectivity from Verizon Business which means that connections are safe and secure for both clinicians and patients.

This, coupled with the cutting-edge video platform from Visionable, means their collaboration will work to open up new pathways of care for patients in the US.

Scott Lawrence, Vice President of Verizon Business EMEA, said: “Technologies such as private 5G, have the potential to shift the landscape around how healthcare is delivered; empowering professionals, sharing intelligence and improving the quality of care they provide.

“This initiative with Visionable provides a secure single infrastructure on which healthcare providers can collaborate to help diagnose conditions and share medical intelligence, all within a secure and compliant environment.”

The investment will be used to meet the increasing demand expected to be seen across the United States.

Visionable will create virtual hospitals and care systems with its real-time clinical collaboration platform which is already supporting the digitisation of services within the NHS.

The funding has also enabled Visionable to hire key talent, such as Strategic Account Manager, Jim Nation, who will provide on the ground support in the US.

Jim Nation, US Partner Development Lead, said: “It’s exciting to embark on this new chapter with Visionable where I can draw on my extensive background in collaborating with major technology firms to shape industry strategies and spearhead healthcare industry initiatives.

“As part of my new role, I will bring my expertise to drive the advancement of innovation, including cloud, video, and hardware, to facilitate transformative shifts in patient engagement.

“Leveraging my experience, I aim to actively engage the Verizon business ecosystem to further enhance industry engagement and promote collaborative models.”

Further opportunities are on the horizon to expand beyond health and into more frontline services such as fire, police and ambulance as Visionable expands.

Alan Lowe, CEO and Co-Founder of Visionable said: “This is a really exiting next step in our journey in assisting in the large-scale transformation of healthcare.

“The future of healthcare calls for a hybrid of digital and face-to-face care and successful cutting edge virtual healthcare systems need a secure, next-generation platform with fast, reliable connectivity.

“Together, Verizon and Visionable provide just this with the aim to improve outcomes for patients, provide better care and save money.”

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