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The UK’s largest medical school signs up to the Better Meds Edu Programme



Manchester’s School of Medical Sciences, part of the University of Manchester, has joined the Better Meds Edu Programme bolstering the digital readiness of its students and equipping them for the demands of contemporary clinical practice.

The move aims to equip Manchester University’s students with the knowledge and skills required for electronic medicine prescribing and administration.

Other institutions to join the programme include Liverpool John Moores University, Hull York Medical School, Newcastle University School of Pharmacy, University College London and the University of Plymouth.

Hiten Mitha is Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead for MBChB Prescribing and Medicines Safety at the University of Manchester.

Mitha said: “The University of Manchester Medical Programme is excited to begin a partnership with Better Meds

“This will build on the current systems in place to ensure electronic prescribing and medicines management is fully embedded into the programme. 

“Undergraduate medical students will have hands-on experience of using this system where they can learn and prepare for clinical practice. 

“This is vital to graduating clinicians, ensuring confident and competent consideration of patient safety in the current and future digital healthcare environment.”

The programme is designed to provide students with an immersive and comprehensive educational experience in electronic medication management, preparing them for the evolving landscape of clinical practice.

The initiative introduces students to the principles of prescribing, reviewing, and administering medications electronically while emphasising the critical aspect of patient safety in this modern healthcare technology.

There are 45 medical schools, 30 pharmacy schools, and 90 nursing schools in the UK, collectively producing over 30,000 healthcare graduates annually.

As traditional paper-based prescriptions become increasingly obsolete, the Meds Edu Programme aims to empower students to be active participants in the digital transformation of healthcare.

Alma Tana Jakoš is Education Coordinator at Better Meds.

She said: “Our Better Meds Edu Programme is our way of giving back to the community by helping educate future health workers about the benefits of ePMA.

“It enables us to play a part in improving healthcare with enhanced and earlier training which we know can promote the uptake of ePMA systems across the health and care system.

“It also gives us the opportunity to gather feedback from users helping us to continually improve the platform which will benefit hospitals and care providers and the patients they serve.”

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