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Cognitant Group appoints CCO to lead growth of personalised patient engagement services



Cognitant Group’s is boosting its expansion with the appointment of Matthew West as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

West brings a wealth of experience delivering digital services and AI solutions to healthcare and other sectors and is now spearheading the company’s work within multiple markets including life science companies, the NHS, insurers, and care providers.

West’s appointment continues Cognitant Group’s rapid scale-up, as the company delivers more services to support and empower people to achieve better health outcomes.

One example, My Stroke Companion, which was developed with University College Hospital London, is now being scaled across another five hyper acute stroke NHS centres.

West will support the successful onboarding of patients into virtual wards, improve recruitment and retention to clinical trials and further develop personalised support programmes for people with a range of long-term conditions such as kidney disease, asthma and cancer.

On joining the company, Matthew West said:

“I’m hugely motivated by and want to build on Cognitant’s success, delivering patient-centric programmes that show a clear return to our customers, encouraging further investment in digital initiatives and taking us into new disease areas and markets.

“In this way we will improve healthcare outcomes for more patients and spur innovation in the health system.”

Before joining Cognitant Group, West was Chief Commercial Officer for Heathily, a health technology company helping to bring AI into mainstream care.

West will now develop Cognitant’s commercial model to expand the reach of accessible and trustworthy health information and support services, which are available in multiple formats including video, games, print, virtual and augmented reality.

West added:

“Most people in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors agree that putting the patient at the heart of healthcare is the right thing to do, but in practice they are often only involved at the end of the process.

“Cognitant is leading the charge on helping patients to be better informed about their health and be empowered to take an active role in their care and treatment from the very start, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

Dr Tim Ringrose, Chief Executive at Cognitant, said:

“We’re delighted to have Matthew join us.

“His experience in using technology to drive change for the better will help us in our work with all involved in health and care to deliver more impactful and efficient services to many people more people around the world.

“At a time when resources are limited and health services are over-stretched we need technology to deliver real value for people with health needs and for those caring for them.”

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