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Clarigent launches mental health listening tool

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The technology from Clarigent will help professionals identify patients at risk

Clarigent Health, a US-based mental health technology company, has launched an app-based listening tool designed to provide clinical decision support to mental health professionals.

Clairity analyses speech with artificial intelligence trained to identify patients at risk of suicide. For mental health professionals, whose observations are informed by education, practice, and experience, Clairity is designed to provide an additional objective metric to help identify potential risks.

Clairity AI identifies vocal biomarkers – non-invasive, objective indicators of mental health states. The vocal biomarkers are tracked over time alongside patient-reported symptoms and clinical impressions.

Voice data and clinical impressions are captured by the Clairity app. Standardised patient assessments can be captured in the app or imported securely if they have been captured elsewhere. Clairity returns personalised session summaries, patient-specific treatment progress, and aggregated data to help assess risk across a patient group.

Founder and CEO Don Wright said: “We want to help save lives and prevent anyone from falling through the cracks.

“Clairity provides the right data to the clinician at the right time to support them in making the right care decisions. Clinicians can also share this with their patients, providing views of treatment progress. We believe Clairity can be a catalyst for a shared decision-making care model.”

Debbie Gingrich, vice president of behavioral health at The Children’s Home, added: “As we face an extraordinary need for mental health services in these times, we’re excited to put Clairity in the hands of our mental health professionals to support them and help save lives.”

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