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Civica partners with North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

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Civica will support the trust via its Aurum system, which is designed to identify millions of pounds of service improvement opportunities.

The Aurum platform uses the latest data science techniques to find instances of systemic variation in clinical activity.

Developed in conjunction with Civica’s innovation lab NorthStar, the assisted analytics platform takes insights from the CoastMaster cloud optimised software, which already provides NWAngliaFT with patient level costing, service line reporting and end-to-end cost management.

Harnessing AI against patient level data, Aurum finds significant efficiencies, removing unwarranted variation and improving patient outcomes.

By analysing data, Aurum identifies consistently varied activities such as duration in theatre and length of stay. For example, the platform will spot a consultant who may take 40 minutes longer than the rest of their peer group to complete the same procedure in comparable conditions.

In a recent pilot with six UK NHS Trusts, the platform completed the equivalent of 13 years of traditional analysis in under 24 hours. The pilot identified a minimum of 3% additional annual cost savings for each trust, finding nearly £40m of improvement opportunities to drive operational efficiencies in healthcare delivery and patient care.

Joel Harrison, chief finance officer at NWAngliaFT, said: “After seeing the results of the pilot, we’re thrilled to fully implement Aurum within the trust.

“At an unimaginably difficult time for the NHS, with resources and budgets strained, finding new and innovative ways to increase capacity through improved efficiencies is paramount.

“Alongside CostMaster, Aurum will play a critical role in supporting the long-term financial stability of our trust, helping us deliver increased productivity and supporting the improvement of our overall quality of care.”

Steve Brain, Civica executive director of health and care, added: “The launch of Aurum marks a big step in our work to help drive innovation across the NHS through better use of AI-powered software and data insights.

“Every opportunity to make improvements across the NHS is crucial and Aurum will be a vital tool for freeing up trust staff and allowing data-driven decision making at a time of unprecedented pressure.”

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