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CDC partners with PointClickCare to improve care outcomes



PointClickCare will work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide data to combat the threats impacting care home residents.

Under the contract, PointClickCare will provide CDC with comprehensive de‐identified patient data for residents of long‐term and post‐acute care facilities.

This data will be used to address public health priorities, allowing CDC staff to conduct comprehensive analysis on disease patterns, progression, and health outcomes; evaluate clinical guidelines uptake, treatments, and interventions; and conduct public health surveillance.

Jason Menges, vice president of national accounts at PointClickCare said:“In today’s increasingly digitally-connected world, representative, quality, and timely data are among the most valuable resources for any organisation. And are exactly what government agencies and research and development teams in both the public and private sector are analysing to improve care.

“Through this collaboration, CDC will have access to scarcely available data sets that, through analysis, can uncover unique insights into the health of older adults and those who are at greater risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19.”

PointClickCare’s Lighthouse data initiative aims to provide insights that specifically represent older adults, a population often considered to be at higher risk for severe illness, and to support research by expanding drug discovery and development.

Jeff Wessinger, vice president and general manager of life sciences at PointClickCare said its market share of more than five million patients nationwide, provides valuable data sets that will allow CDC to study the long‐term care population in depth.

“We’re proud to announce this partnership with CDC and for the opportunity to share our data for the greater good.

“CDC’s mission to save lives and protect America from safety, health, and security threats aligns with our goals and values as a company, which are to help improve outcomes for aging and vulnerable populations.”

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