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Breakthrough AI predicts your mood and emotional state in 10 seconds

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New artificial intelligence can decipher your mental state from 10 seconds of your voice, and then use it to help you feel better…

Humans aren’t always up to scratch at picking up on “real” emotions. And it doesn’t help that the majority of us lie about how we’re feeling, even to our nearest and dearest. But this cutting-edge AI technology can work out your true emotional state, just by listening to you talk for 10 seconds. 

MoodInsights from Earkick is not just a bit of programming – it’s a highly advanced AI solution for emotional and mental wellbeing – and it’s three times more accurate than the industry standard that we know. 

AI & mental health support 

A few rapid, in-the-moment interventions with the AI and it can start to understand you on a deeper level than, arguably, a human being could. But more importantly, it can actually help you improve their mental wellbeing. 

With mental health management as one of the greatest challenges facing both individuals and

workforces today – Earkick is at the forefront of using AI to help address the mental health pandemic in a measurable and data-driven way.

How it works

By combining vast sources of data, the algorithm can understand the context in which each individual is situated and identify what influences each user’s mental health. 

The seamless new experience makes managing people’s mental health and improving their quality of life as easy as checking the weather. No registration is required to use the privacy-first application and no data is shared with third parties.

Earkick’s CEO Herbert Bay told us: “Unlike current approaches that use a single-shot of voice biomarkers only, Earkick’s algorithm innovates by using a multi-shot technology approach that supports text, voice, and even video to generate a rich picture of the user’s mental health.”

He added: “Earkick’s MoodInsightsTM engine, is a breakthrough in applied AI technology development that truly helps individuals to master mental health”

“Maintaining one’s mental health is essential to one’s well-being throughout one’s whole life, from early infancy and adolescence to old age.”

Machine learning assessment

The AI offers a unique machine-learning based assessment of mental health, utilising a multi-modal approach to provide a continuous evaluation of the mental states and supplement normal diagnosis and therapy. 

Prof. Dr. Fernando De La Torre, Research Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University added: “Not only can this technology reduce cost and stigma, but it will also help you learn more about who you are.”

“And this is just the beginning of a revolutionary way to track mental health – Earkick has an aggressive roadmap of features that will ultimately measure, track and enable you to manage your mental health very effectively.”

MoodInsightsTM is available today in the Earkick app


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