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Bipolar platform aims to speed up diagnosis




A mental health charity has created a new digital health platform and app aimed at cutting diagnosis time for the half a million people in the UK living with undiagnosed bipolar.

Bipolar UK has worked with experts and people with bipolar to create ‘could it be bipolar?’ – a suite of tools to help people identify if they may have the condition and get a quicker diagnosis.

The platform features an evidence-based Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ), a video, a 20-minute eLearning course, information about symptoms and a step-by-step guide to getting a diagnosis.

Tested by nearly 7,000 people, the Mood Tracker App helps people monitor their moods, energy levels and sleep patterns.

Bipolar UK CEO, Simon Kitchen, said:

“The symptoms of bipolar can appear at any age and it is common for people to experience distressing symptoms for years before receiving a correct diagnosis.

“By getting people who are struggling with their mental health to ask the question ‘could it be bipolar?’ we are supporting them to take the first step on the journey to diagnosis so they can get the treatment and support to live well.

“The new digital platform will also help family and friends to understand how best to support someone who’s wondering if they might have bipolar.”

Over 80 per cent of people living with the condition told Bipolar UK that the primary benefit of diagnosis was that it gave them an explanation for their past experiences.

It also helps them to be better understood, leading to them receiving the correct care and appropriate medication.

Kitchen added:

“For people living with bipolar, their range of emotions is much wider than those of the general population, which is why our digital resources are a great way for someone who suspects they might have bipolar to monitor their moods over a period of a few months to look for specific patterns before seeking help from a medical professional.”

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