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Alphalake announces world’s first free-to-use Healthcare API library




Alphalake has announced the launch of APIdirect – the world’s first free-to-use Healthcare API library, serving as a knowledge hub for the digital health community.

The APIdirect library gives users a new way to access simplified information on APIs throughout the health and care ecosystem.

The library provides a unified source for users to obtain critical, decision-making information on the availability and capability of APIs for organisations and teams’ bespoke uses.

The library includes version releases, utilisation data, and FHIRs (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) that are updated on a weekly basis.

Cerner, EPIC, MEDITECH, PatientSource, Doctrin and EIDO are among the dozens of organisations with powerful APIs listed in the Library for users to leverage.

Ben Webber, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Alphalake, said:

“The APIdirect Library is the epicentre of a comprehensive, better joined-up healthcare landscape that offers market impact for organisations that use it.”

The library contains more than 160 data points and 25+ APIs that can be activated in the user’s own tailored organisation roadmap.

This provides an influential support ecosystem for integrated Automation within Healthcare ready to use as and when required.

Olly Cogan, Founder and CEO of Alphalake explained why building the APIdirect Library was a must, saying:

“Robust APIs are table stakes for any health tech organisation, but they’re only the beginning; they need to meet your customer process and workflow needs, which are always changing”.

Lee Francis, Co-Founder at PatientSource, added:

“Being able to browse the APIdirect Library of likeminded innovative organisations, leading the way through interoperability, is a fantastic resource and sparks ideas for connectivity, over and above the usual suspects.”

The time is now to embrace a modern approach and create better-connected healthcare, encouraging Health Tech organisations to submit their APIs and become part of the No Code ecosystem we are building across Health and Social Care.

About Alphalake Ai

With teams in the UK, India, UAE and Australia, Alphalake Ai is a health-tech organisation specialised in intelligent healthcare automation.

From strategy to operational design and implementation, Alphalake can help you receive assistance with its innovation and digital transformation endeavours.

The start-up helps patients and healthcare workers by using integrated automation, digital assistant chatbots and data science & agility to decrease administrative burden and improve the patient experience.

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