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AlbaCare becomes May Health, and appoints new leadership

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A clinical-stage medical device company specialising in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), has expanded its leadership, in a move which “reflects focus” on restoring lives. 

AlbaCare is now changing its name to May Health, and has appointed Anne Morrissey as CEO and Dr. Robert Auerbach, OBGYN, as chairman of the board. 

May Health & ‘ovarian rebalancing’ technology 

May Health’s proprietary technology, Ovarian Rebalancing, is an investigational treatment designed to start a woman’s natural ovulation cycle, allowing for the opportunity to become pregnant. 

It is an ultrasound-guided, trans-vaginal ablation procedure similar to egg retrieval that utilises radio frequency (RF) energy to establish regular menstrual cycles. 

Morrissey, an experienced executive who was previously CEO of Alydia Health, will lead May Health as it investigates its novel Ovarian Rebalancing technology, a one-time, trans-vaginal ablation procedure designed to activate natural ovulation for those with PCOS, a leading cause of infertility.

“Accomplished” leaders in women’s health 

Previous chairman of May Health Antoine Papiernik said: “With Anne and Bob, May Health is guided by some of the most respected and accomplished leaders in the women’s health care ecosystem.”

He added:  “Anne is an experienced executive and team builder who has devoted her career to making pregnancy and childbirth safer and more accessible. 

“As an OBGYN and retired president of CooperSurgical, Bob brings both clinical and operational expertise to the board. 

“With their leadership, May Health is well positioned to enter a new phase of growth to develop and commercialise life-changing solutions for those living with PCOS.”

Ovarian Rebalancing is a one-time, in-office procedure intended to allow for same-day recovery and return to normal activities. It is currently being investigated in a European clinical study and a U.S. feasibility study.

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