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Medical saws that enhance patient safety to launch at Arab Health 2022



British manufacturer Medezine, who develop medical equipment, primarily focused on saws, scissors and instruments, will be launching their new range of medical saws at Arab Health 2022. Health Tech World’s Arab Health correspondent Julia Price speaks with Medezine director Peter Carroll.

Medezine’s new product range has been designed to focus on qualities that are critical to clinicians and the patient experience.

Loud cast saws are known to contribute to anxiety in children and the new Medecast Cast Saws feature an ‘Anti-noise design, making the device less intimidating for adults and children.

Peter Carroll, director of Medezine said: “As a company we are committed to developing products tailored to the changing clinical demands of advanced modern healthcare, with patient safety at the heart of all of our products.

“Following significant customer and clinical research we are excited to be launching our new innovative Cast Saw range, as part of the ABHI UK Pavilion at Arab Health 2022.

“The new range is designed with enhanced ergonomic features, unique blade control and visibility, and quieter and reduced vibration in use, with unique benefits for both patients and clinicians.

“We look forward to making new connections at the event, while being supported in our goals by the ABHI team.”

The unique teeth configuration and blade coating also help to reduce heat generation in use, supporting reduced patient burns and improved comfort.

In addition, the device is designed to enhance patient safety, featuring a low voltage handpiece, while improved blade visibility means clinicians benefit from increased accuracy and control of the procedure, leading to less patient time in practice. To make the device even safer, the innovative hood and vacuum design reduce the risk of dust inhalation.

For clinicians, the device also features an ergonomic slimline grip for improved comfort, while the lightweight design enables reduced hand stress.

A unique castor base and plastic vacuum further support improved lightweight manoeuvrability and balance, reducing the risk of tipping, making the device easier to clean and improving its durability.

In addition, the special blade coating can prolong life and reduce heat build-up, while the blades themselves can be changed without the use of tools using quick release and quick locking.

For more than 30 years Medezine has been a market-leading manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment, specialising in comprehensive product ranges related to the fracture clinic and cast removal markets, in addition to autopsy markets.

With research and development at the heart of what they do, the company is constantly investing in new products and innovations using the latest design technologies.

2021 saw the launch of two new global brands for Medezine, and 2022 will bring the company’s most ambitious launch to date with the release of the new innovative Cast Saw and Autopsy Saw ranges as part of the new brand Medecast, which captures 30 years of experience and innovation to deliver enhanced patient and user safety, tailored to global clinical needs.

At Arab Health 2022, which will feature over 3,500 exhibitors from 60 countries, visitors will be able to see the new range of Medecast Cast Saws, which have been designed specifically with the patient and professional as priority, underpinned by the company’s commitment to patient safety.

Partnering with specialist healthcare distributors, Medezine has exported globally for over 30 years. The company has successfully partnered with industry societies, universities and leading professionals to enhance clinical excellence. Medezine are committed to manufacturing high quality products and maintains ISO 13485 accreditation, with all products fully compliant with European quality standards.

Arab Health 2022 is taking place from January 24 – 27 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Throughout the show, Medezine will be located in the UK Pavilion –Hall 2 H2656.

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