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A mini laboratory could carry out rapid virus tests

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A “mini laboratory” which carries out rapid Covid testing has gone on trial.

The Q-Poc machine gives results in 30 minutes and the company behind it say its more accurate than lateral-flow tests currently in use.

The portable battery-operated device has been developed by QuantuMDx in Newcastle and is on trial in four emergency and intensive care units.

If successful, they could be rolled out to further hospitals or health units and even be used to test people so they can then travel or socialise.

Jono O’Halloran, chief executive of QuantuMDx, said: “With our test you can quickly get a PCR result that would say definitely whether that person was positive or negative and that’s going to be critical for keeping our front-line health workers safe.

“ICU, palliative care, dentistry, and mental health service could all benefit.

“The results are due out next week and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Senior research scientist Jessica Caffry added: “The machines could be used at festivals, nightclubs as well as by NHS and doctors surgeries. It could really change the way we are dealing with the pandemic.”

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