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Cambric launches secure image transfer system for GP practices



Patient healthcare data software provider Cambric Systems has announced the launch of Archie, a secure clinical image transfer system. 

The system enables healthcare professionals to refer patients to specialist services with supporting clinical images which may mean that the patient can receive a diagnosis remotely.

Developed with GP practices in mind, Archie eliminates the need for a face-to-face appointment, potentially saving time for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Archie enables clinicians to capture clinical images using their own smartphone and attach them securely to a patient’s electronic record or send via a clinical system to specialist services.

Once the images have been transmitted to the recipient clinical system, all copies are automatically wiped from the practice or clinic PC, ensuring patient privacy.

The technology offers high image quality at relatively small file sizes, meaning that specialist services, such as dermatology, can receive high-quality subject images that aid diagnosis, without impacting an organisation’s file storage capacity.

Garry Sherriff, MD at Cambric stated:

“At Cambric we are dedicated to providing software solutions that make life easier for our frontline healthcare workers, including those that are working in the community.

“We listen carefully to our customers, and work closely with them to ensure that we deliver software that meets a real-world requirement and that is easy and intuitive to use, while securely safe-guarding sensitive patient information.”

Archie is interoperable with other systems, such as SCI Gateway in Scotland.

Cambic recently achieved MIG accreditation to consume data from the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to display in its Morse Electronic Patient Record platform.

Sherriff said:

“Being able to consume and display the high-quality clinical information from the MIG datasets underlines Cambric’s priority of putting accurate real-time patient information in the hands of those who need it most – the clinicians, directly at the point of care.”

Cambric is inviting qualifying GP Practices and Clinics to join the Early Access Programme, where they can receive a free trial of the Archie software that will help to determine future developments of the product.

Interested GPs and clinics can register at: www.cambric.co.uk/archie

For a short video introduction to Archie, visit: https://www.cambric.co.uk/archie

For more details about Cambric’s MIG accreditation, visit: https://healthcaregateway.co.uk/cambric-achieves-mig-accreditation/

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