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£1.1m secured to develop AI tool for eye health service

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The grant is part of the Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award

Healthcare company Dem Dx and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have been awarded £1.1m to develop and evaluate an AI-powered clinical reasoning tool for eye health services.

Dem Dx’s triage platform supports the practitioner during a patient’s clinical assessment. It uses a combination of a database built by world-leading doctors and AI to tell the practitioner whether a patient needs urgent attention from a doctor or a less urgent referral.

The grant is part of the Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award which plans to spend £140m over three years to accelerate the testing and evaluation of the most promising AI technologies to meet the NHS Long Term Plan’s aims.

The two-year project will trial the effectiveness of the triage platform from Dem Dx in adult A&E ophthalmology services, and the data collected will be used to make the tool’s AI algorithms more accurate.

Dr Lorin Gresser, founder and CEO of Dem Dx, said: “We’re extremely pleased to be strengthening our existing partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital through this new funding.

“Effective triage is critical for patients to have accurate and safe experiences with eye hospitals.  We’re the only company with an AI-based clinical decision tool aimed specifically at the frontline practitioner workforce in triage, and we are excited to see the benefits it brings to the NHS, its staff and patients.”

Dr Alex Day, consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, added: “At Moorfields, we’re constantly exploring how artificial intelligence can help us to deliver excellent patient care.

“This triaging tool has the potential to help our patients to be treated as quickly as possible, giving them a better outcome and experience. AI is becoming more and more important in ophthalmology and we look forward to seeing its full potential in this project.”

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