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YourCoach: “Everybody wants to be the best version of themselves”



YourCoach is a virtual practice management platform for health and wellness coaches. The company supports industry partners and private coaches in delivering real and lasting health outcomes.

Eugene Borukhovich is the company’s co-founder and COO. He previously served as a Global Head of Digital Health at Bayer and also co-founded and sold a doctor rating startup.

Hi Eugene. Health coaching is a pretty broad term. How do you understand it and how does it apply to YourCoach?

In a nutshell, it’s non-clinical psychotherapy. A certified health coach is somebody who helps you understand, set and achieve health goals.

Many coaches have other certifications and credentials behind their health and wellness coaching, such as registered nurses and dieticians.

We also have some doctors on the platform who coach as a second career. So they have the clinical knowledge but decided to provide non-clinical health and wellness coaching work alongside their main career.

What inspired you to launch YourCoach?

YourCoach was founded by my wife Marina who is the CEO. She went through breast cancer and experienced everything from mastectomy to radiotherapy. On her way to recovery, she discovered health coaching and became a health coach.

We saw that, while there were a few other practice management solutions out there for coaches, there was nothing modern enough. So we pulled in the tech-minded co-founder from my previous business to help build the platform.

Then a few of Marina’s coaching friends joined and a little over two years later, we now have more than over 2,300 coaches practising on the platform with their own clients.

What does the health coaching demographic look like?

Health coaching spans across different ages. Looking at our own data, our coaches are 83 per cent female, 17 per cent male. It’s much the same among the end users.

Our coaches span 16 categories, including coaching for children all the way through chronic disease management and non-clinical coaching around that. I look at it as encompassing a human being’s journey: everything from disease management, reversal and prevention to performance enhancement.

Everybody wants to be the best version of themselves and health coaches help across that pathway.

We help coaches facilitate this in two ways:

On one side, we have coaches who bring their own clients. They can run their own business and do what they need to do on our platform. And then we identify the coaches that have met certain requirements who are eligible for additional work through us.

And then on the other side, we have our B2B clients. These are digital health companies that upstream into health plans as well as large employers. So again, a vast landscape of human beings.

I guess health coaching is an overlap between two trends: The gig economy and an increasingly health conscious population. You are the intersection between those two things.

Bingo. It’s the whole great reshuffling, not necessarily resignation.

We have coaches that work for large companies but who like the flexibility that YourCoach offers.

We actually see that kind of rotation and churn in some of these larger coaching companies, where coaches are more machines just following scripts. They like being able to run their own business and do it from anywhere.

That’s the beauty of health coaching today. There are no state lines right now, though I’m sure we will start seeing them as the reimbursement codes kick in over the next 24 to 36 months.

However, I really hope that the US learned from telemedicine and credentialing state-by-state. Hopefully health coaching won’t repeat those mistakes.

Is there a vetting process for coaches?

There are credentialing bodies out there. The major one is the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. They hold two exams a year. The board also accredits various undergrad, graduate and continuing education programmes.

We now offer sponsorship for five coaches sitting for each exam per year to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to achieving this certification.

We’re also working closely with many of the schools and with the National Board.

But just because you have a driver’s licence doesn’t mean you’re a good driver.

While the National Board has brought some validity to this profession over the past two years, we can bring the real-world data on a coach’s outcomes. And through our credentialing process, coaches can become eligible for more work with our clients.

What kind of feedback have you received from your coaches?

The ones that get to the perk, they love it, because they get a practice management solution and then get additional work on top of that.

We let them do what they do best: focus on their own coaching. Our goal is to provide as many of them as we can with additional work, as long as they qualify for it.

What can we expect from YourCoach for the months ahead?

Our mission is to champion the Health Coaching Revolution, making health coaching more accessible to the global population by 2030.

If you look at the whole ecosystem, from primary care to digital therapeutic companies, even insurers…  everyone is including coaching around their product, service or clinical trial. So we’re now just triaging a lot of that inbound that’s coming in.

But certainly. there’s a lot more to come from YourCoach.

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