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The ‘holy grail’ in body scanning



Through the creation of its smartphone body scanning and risk management technology, Advanced Human Imaging is revolutionising the ability to convey accurate information remotely in a host of multi-trillion dollar markets. Health Tech World meets its CEO, Vlado Bosanac


“What we thought was impossible just a few years ago is now a reality.”

And from an idea which was born out of early-stage software to assess the performance of athletes has become a revolution in the world of smartphone-based full body scanning and risk assessment. 

For the first time, the process is now being done via smartphone – hailed as being the “holy grail” in availability to the mass market – making it readily available to people in their own homes to gain vital information about everything from their health and wellbeing through to their clothing size. 

Pioneered by Advanced Human Imaging (AHI), its CompleteScan technology – bringing together its BodyScan, FaceScan and DermaScan programs – can give a 12,000 data point capture assessment within seconds, making it invaluable to a host of operators in global multi-trillion-dollar markets. 

Working with some of the biggest names in insurance, mhealth and sports around the world, Australian-based AHI’s insight is more accurate than many in-person assessments, and its appeal – and associated opportunity for the business – is only increasing in the post-pandemic world. 

Health and fitness and insurance are two of AHI’s biggest and fastest-growing areas. During the past year, the fitness market has almost tripled to $1.5 trillion. Similarly, in Australia, between 2011 and 2019 there were 820,000 online telehealth consultations; in the first quarter of 2020 alone, that figure stood at 17.2 million. 

And while online shopping has similarly boomed during the pandemic, AHI’s presence in this area – and its unique ability to assess what size of clothing a person requires via mobile phone – is eclipsed by its dominance in the wellbeing market. 

“The clothing market was the initial idea for the company, albeit that is the smallest part of the business now,” says chairman and CEO Vlado Bosanac. 

“We’re working with huge athletes, big insurers, some of the biggest names in the world, and some of the biggest brands too – the fact we can do this from a mobile phone is the holy grail. There are seven billion of these on the planet, they’re the touchpoint of data collection.”

Insurance is a huge area of development. partners can engage AHI and submit more accurate data than ever before. It also means they are able to bypass the initial costs of sending customers to GP or for medical checks if the data captured doesn’t present any risk markers.

The ability to do it via smartphone incurs a fixed individual scan or subscription rate to the insurer per customer which is a fraction of the cost of even one medical intervention. 

“Insurers can get a real time health assessment via the AHI data to ensure the policy coverage and price is correct they’re offering to you with a seamless dynamic underwriting process – importantly if they identify risk, they want to take care of you and reward you with incentives to live a better and healthier life,” says Vlado. 

“If they do this, then people won’t be making as many claims, but what they’re offering is based on verified information – not the self-reported information people provide them, which may not be completely true. 

“We’ve seen a big rise in telehealth care during the pandemic. Doctors don’t want to risk the safety of a patient by asking them to come in – but with this they don’t need to. A patient can get accurate real-time data remotely and provide everything a doctor needs to make good decisions.” 

To enable such decisions, the AHI algorithm can reveal accurate details around body fat, and central adiposity, conveying details around heart rate, respiratory rate, musculoskeletal assessment. To enhance its offering even further, the business is developing blood testing capabilities, with a dongle which can take blood via microprick then send the data back via a Bluetooth device. This latest innovation is set to be launched later this year. 

In fitness too, AHI’s popularity is booming – a market the business is only too pleased to be in, having taken its early-day inspiration from sports. While in his previous role as an investor, Vlado came across some injury assessment based technology developed by colleague and close friend Dr Amar El-Sallam – now chief science officer at AHI – which recorded athletes in motion, recording the process to help them better understand their performance and reasoning behind injury re-occurrence.  

“It was an early day assessment model. Through an advanced algorithm, the video captured them as avatars, which through analysing data around weight and thrust enabled them to understand why they kept injuring themselves,” recalls Vlado. 

“This helped them to get stronger, faster, better at their sport and push themselves knowing how to avoid injury.

“I wondered how you could take the capturing capability of video in human movement to  build a static capture of an individual for the assessment of dimension across the individuals anatomy. Could you get the circumference measurements of an individual to understand more about their shape and size to deliver personalized digital appraisals or simply fit clothing for online purchasing?

“I still remember outlining my idea to Amar and watching his mind start to tick after our first conversation. From there, we were able to bring my dream to fruition. What began as a very rudimentary method has grown into what we have today.” 

Now, the business is working with globally-recognised sports figures, care providers and insurers, as well as online influencers. 

Vlado, a former competitive bodybuilder, says: “I really understand the ego involved in getting in shape, I understand the importance to a professional athlete of the change your body goes through. Your muscle mass changes dictate how you should be training, so it is incredibly important to be able to capture that information in an accurate granular way and to have it so readily accessible and available.”

While a less dominant part of the business, the $1 trillion clothing industry continues to be a key market for AHI when looking at the company’s road map. 

“Everyone hates ordering online, you never know if something is going to fit, so we enable people to size themselves for the garment with more confidence when making their purchases,” says Vlado. 

“And for retailers, they want to understand how to stop the billions of dollars of returns they get back every year. With understanding the person’s size, there’s the opportunity to get clothes to fit properly.

“But importantly, our technology measures you individually every single time. We can do this on the phone, and the data captured stays on the phone,  10 seconds we translate the captures into a 3D avatar with accurate dimensions across the whole body. Importantly, the images captured are processed on the phone and deleted by the end of the process to assure the individuals data and personal privacy.”

“We’re much more accurate than a suit tailor – who will be as accurate as he can of course – but even the best trained professional can’t do exact measurements as consistently as we can digitally. That’s what we can offer and deliver every time.”

And its record in effectiveness is something of which Vlado is very proud and is keen to develop to build AHI’s reach and reputation even further. 

“Hand on heart, we have created the gold standard,” he says.

“We keep an eye on the industry to see if anyone steps into our lane, but there’s no-one close to what we’re doing. Others are self-validating, but we hand ours over to professionals in the area and say ‘Knock yourselves out’. We’re getting between 97- and 99-percentile consistently, which no one else can touch.”

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