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Top 80 most influential people in sickle cell disease in 2024



As an ecosystem, Sanius Health collaborates with an inspiring global community of advocates, healthcare professionals, and researchers who continually push forward progress for those living with sickle cell disease (SCD).

They are constantly seeking ways to express their deepest thanks to the many haematologists, doctors, nurses, patients, and supporters who tirelessly improve outcomes for people and families affected by SCD.

To recognise these dedicated individuals, Sanius Health has compiled the annual Top 80 Most Influential People in Sickle Cell Disease.

This list honours the accomplishments people have achieved over the past 12 months to advance SCD care, expand treatment access, amplify patient voices, and drive more equitable health outcomes globally.

It celebrates remarkable individuals and groups furthering innovative medicines, improving patient experiences, and resolving that, together, the myriad challenges SCD patients face can be conquered.

The diverse spectrum of featured leaders illustrates what becomes possible when a shared commitment to bettering patient lives intersects.

To each person recognised for their work benefiting the SCD community—regardless of identities or geography—Sanius would like to offer profound thanks.

They inspire the Sanius team in the campaign for progress and renewed hope.

Entering a new year, Sanius is thankful to see the results of work by the researchers, doctors, advocates and patients featured in the Top 80.

Many are already benefiting from the recent FDA approval of two life-changing gene therapies, advocates continuing to tear down barriers to equitable treatment, and new understanding of disease burden for patients.

All of these advancements in SCD have been made possible by listening to and elevating the patient voice. Sanius Health has contributed through partnerships directly with patients and research colleagues on innovative approaches that capture and amplify patient perspectives.

Specifically, they have collaborated to develop AI-driven technologies that intimately understand and elevate the unmet needs expressed by communities impacted by SCD.

By continuing to bridge gaps between patients and the healthcare system, the SCD community will continue to progress toward truly personalised medical care tailored to each person’s unique needs.

Sanius would like to thank all of those featured in the Top 80 list for their incredible efforts in advancing this on behalf of patients.

To view the full Top 80 and to learn more about how Sanius Health supports the SCD community, visit: www.saniushealth.com

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