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Scrupulous cleaning is key to preventing healthcare associated infections (HAIs)

By the TSC Team



A study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows the incidence of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) was elevated during periods of high COVID-19 hospitalisations; in 2021, standardised infection ratios were significantly higher than the pre-pandemic period.

HAIs are easily transmitted through medical devices during treatments, and bacteria are the most common cause.

According to the CDC, one in 31 hospital patients acquired at least one HAI while hospitalised.

Worryingly, HAIs may lead to morbidity and mortality.

In fact, around 10 per cent of the patients who became infected by a HAI in the course of the research process died during their hospitalisation.

Prevention and control of HAIs is vital for patient safety, and preservation and maintenance of a hygienic environment is the key factor in reducing HAIs.

Preventing HAIs: Conduct regular cleaning and disinfection

Hospital surfaces are regularly contaminated by numerous pathogens, some harmful, through direct contact with patients or staff.

Therefore, thorough cleaning is the key to maintaining a safe, clean and hygienic healthcare environment, and is the top priority when it comes to preventing and controlling HAIs.

Post pandemic, hospitals retained some of the infection control procedures used at its height, and staff, as well as the wider public, are more aware of the importance of cleaning and disinfection in minimising the spread of infections.

Moreover, HAI prevention practices could save an estimated $25-$31.5 billion in medical costs.

Affordable new desktop and mobile printers, designed to help prevent HAIs 

To support staff in busy healthcare and scientific settings like laboratories, hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and GP practices, TSC has launched healthcare variants of its popular TH DH Series of desktop printers and the Alpha-30LHC mobile printer.

They are the company’s first devices to be specifically manufactured in wipeable, antibacterial plastic to reduce the spread of germs.

The devices will print barcode labels for tasks like specimen and pharmacy labelling as well as patient identification and tracking to improve operational efficiency.

  • Easy to clean, antibacterial casings designed to mimimise contamination
  • Power supplies compliant with IEC 60601-1 standard
  • Suitable for specimen and pharmacy labelling and patient tracking
  • New TH DH Series prints from 10*mm to 120mm widths
  • Prints on linerless media to support sustainability

For affordable, on-the-go printing in healthcare settings, TSC has added the Alpha-30LHC mobile printer to its popular Alpha Series 3-inch range.

Encased in a robust, disinfectant-ready, grey and white plastic, the Alpha-30LHC is lightweight, comfortable and can print labels on demand.

Long-term antimicrobial efficacy

The Alpha-30LHC’s casing has built-in antimicrobial technology, instead of just the industry-standard surface coating.

Following the ISO 22196 standard, it is tested against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Antibacterial infusion provides better protection than surface coating as it offers far greater resistance to the sort of wear and tear encountered in fast-paced environments, offering greater durability and capability of handling a wide range of healthcare applications.

Expediting routine cleaning procedures

Hospitals need to follow fundamental steps for cleaning and sanitising, so choosing the most appropriate tools and products is essential to the process.

Common cleaning products such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite can be used on the Alpha-30LHC.

This allows healthcare staff to work with cleaning agents they are already familiar with and which are easily accessible, making the process highly efficient.

For a workforce that is often exhausted, either from high workloads or the stress of their position, creating a product so quick and easy to clean is one more way that TSC Auto ID is aiding healthcare establishments in the fight against HAIs.

Ready for anything

Healthcare professionals are always on the move, and need to be prepared for emergencies. This makes having a mobile printer essential for all healthcare environments.

With a rugged design that protects it from drops of 1.8m and tumbles from 1.0m, Alpha-30LHC meets MIL-STD-810G military standards for drop and vehicle vibration, making it ideal for healthcare professionals on the go.

The Alpha-30LHC uses USB, MFi Bluetooth or dual-band Wi-Fi to easily connect to a mobile computer or smartphone and offers fast roaming as well as enterprise-level security to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Desktop devices, including RFID for asset tracking and patient ID

The TH DH Series desktop printers are available in robust 2-inch and 4-inch versions, with 203 dpi or 300 dpi print options in each.

Encased in bright white antibacterial enclosures with a sealed membrane button, these rugged devices can print up to 7,000† labels a day.

Effortless to integrate and use, and with enhanced security, these devices will produce high-quality labels on a wide variety of media, including linerless.

Integration and deployment of the TH DH Series is seamless, label templates remain the same even when switching from other printer brands.

Remote real-time monitoring and management, and self-diagnostic TPH Care make for fast trouble- shooting and maximum uptime. Enhanced security helps protect networks from cyber-attacks and downtime.

More sustainable too

In line with TSC’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, the TH DH Series and Alpha-30HLC can both print on linerless media, which, apart from benefits like printing labels of any length, helps reduce waste and supports sustainability objectives.

Both the packaging and the TH DH Series printers’ plastic casings are 100 per cent recyclable, and over 90 per cent of its components are recyclable too.

Its casings are also made from 30 per cent recycled plastic.

Learn more about TSC’s hygienic new Alpha-30HLC, TH 220THC, TH 240THC, DH 240THC and DH 220THC or contact TSC directly.

*Optional adaptor supports media as narrow as 10mm

† the print volume is calculated under the condition of printing 4” x 6” and 2” x 6” labels at the 203dpi print resolution

About TSC 

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading provider of innovative thermal label printing solutions, serving customers in over 100 countries.

It offers a wide range of barcode label printing solutions including mobile, desktop, industrial, and enterprise-grade barcode label printers, RFID printers, integrated barcode label inspection systems, print engines, advanced printer software, standard and custom labels, and ribbons.

TSC mobile, desktop and industrial barcode label printers are used in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings all around the world.

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