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LinkedIn is peak social media



I hadn’t had much experience with LinkedIn before becoming a recruiter. It was described to me as “Facebook but for jobs” I assumed it would be big companies posting propaganda and job seekers desperately picking up job scraps.

However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s true that LinkedIn is “Facebook but for jobs”- it’s a social networking site for professionals. It was designed to help make business connections, grow contacts, and enhance professional reputation.

It was also made to help people cultivate their job prospects by sharing their work experiences and allowing them to see when companies where hiring- not only by searching the job board but see announcements for expansions and promotions.

I have now not only fallen in love with its ability to connect candidates and job opportunities but as a refreshing take on what I want my social media feed to look like.

I thought I would download LinkedIn and it would be another boring (and sometimes toxic) social media.

The process of setting up a profile is a lot like the experience of setting up a social media profile like Facebook for example.

You set up a nice profile picture, add information including employment and education history, and add friends and colleagues.

But its different from an ordinary social media profile.

Your profile picture can be a tool to understanding your professionalism or advertising what a brilliant company you work for.

In terms of recruitment- you can add a banner which advertises the fact you are open to work- which is a great way to get your name out to recruiters scanning for candidates.

Following on from this- your profile is actually a giant CV. And a very good CV at that.

Because of the links to company sites, anyone browsing your profile can then go directly to the company’s LinkedIn page and have a browse of what the company do.

Giving clues to your skill set and what type of work you were undertaking during your time there.

A great way to show your professional growth!

By adding more connections in LinkedIn, you build a great network.

On LinkedIn you don’t just add people you know or companies you are interested in. It allows you to join networks all over the world and in a variety of professional fields that you may not ordinarily come across.

Furthermore, due to companies posts being in short snappy captions and pictures, its easier to digest then a lengthy article. It’s effortless to stay involved and up to date.

As a recruiter coming from the Scientific industry, it is an accessible way to stay up to date with the scientific word and forums and key in gaining knowledge on potential clients and candidates.

Anyone who doesn’t realise how helpful LinkedIn can be for your career I hope I covered how it can help you enhance your career profile.

Looking to gain promotions or career changes aside, it can also enhance your current work life.

It’s a great way to get to know your current company and colleagues better.

Firstly, is a great way of putting names to faces- especially if perhaps you don’t work in the same department or after years of working from home during COVID restrictions you don’t know a team well.

Secondly it allows you to make connections with colleagues that gets to know them on a more personal level without having them directly in your social circle.

BUT…. the real reason I love LinkedIn is that it is so POSITIVE!

LinkedIn users share a variety of posts on the platform, from new job promotions, awards, house moves, engagements, networking events, funny stories, work related information and most importantly support others.

It is so refreshing to enter a social media app and not be bombarded with posts that show off purely materialistic gains. Every post showing an achievement is backed up by hard work and dedication.

Every promotion, every kind word to a colleague, every life event is posted humbly and modesty, and with genuine happiness

Logging on to other social media, posts are thick with advertisements and vanity. On LinkedIn posts show self-admiration rather narcissism.

There is- of course – self-promotion and an undertone of endorsement in some posts- the whole point of posting is to broadcast great things. But LinkedIn just seems to hit the sweet spot between proudly sharing and vainly boasting.

It makes me proud to like every post I come across and I come off the app smiling.

If you have yet to discover LinkedIn, cancel your other socials and get on my LinkedIn hype!

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