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Simply Nootropics: Dr Brian P Ramos to spearhead innovation in cognitive and longevity health



Dr Brian P Ramos, Simply Nootropics.

Simply Nootropics has announced the appointment of Dr Brian P Ramos as its in-house neuroscientist.

Dr Ramos, who has a PhD in neuroscience from Yale School of Medicine and boasts over two decades of experience, is poised to significantly contribute to the Sydney and Auckland-based company’s growth and innovation.

He has dedicated his career to exploring the facets of living a healthier and happier life, with a focus on enhancing brain function through the right nutrients.

His enthusiasm for educating the Simply Nootropics community and shaping the future direction of the company underscores the shared vision of pioneering advancements in cognitive health.

Dr Ramos commented: “I felt that the Simply Nootropics team not only displayed impeccable character but also a genuine desire to produce high-quality products backed by research, alongside a commitment to education.”

Anthony Baxter, co-founder of Simply Nootropics, added: “Brian’s expertise in neuroscience aligns perfectly with our mission to offer the highest quality nootropics supplements. Brian has been a friend for many years so this move felt right and the timing couldn’t have been better. With his input, we’re excited to further our research and development efforts, enhancing our commitment to cognitive function, longevity, and healthy ageing.”

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