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HealthBook+ steps up personalisation and digital care drive with new advisory board



AI-powered, digital health platform HealthBook+, which empowers users to take ownership of their own health through guidance and early identification of conditions, has announced a new medical advisory board.

The board brings together specialist clinicians with experience and expertise in a broad range of key fields including mental and behavioural health, paediatrics, concierge medicine, direct primary care, genetics, and healthcare-related AI issues.

Having played an integral role since the creation of the company, the board has now been officially installed to help further drive its progress, including in continuing to develop the accuracy of the platform and its personalised digital care service.

HealthBook+ aims to empower individuals to take appropriate health actions based on in-depth analysis of their confidential health data and related info.

This is sourced from provider-based electronic health records, health plan claims data, personal wearable health trackers and other connected devices, social determinant of health profiles and via self-reporting.

Proprietary, predictive analytics and AI models are applied to identify potential conditions early on. Next best health actions are then presented to the individual along with options for them to easily connect with their healthcare providers.

The medical advisory board’s remit includes:

  • Creation of a very detailed and comprehensive medical record for individuals, to provide a thorough analysis of all health data and most complete suggestions for care options. Each user will have a personalised experience, be able to own their health data and easily be able to review and share it.
  • Personalisation of AI-driven screeners and tools incorporated in the HealthBook+ service to improve its accuracy and utility.
  • Continuous evaluation of potential partner companies and capabilities to create the most complete patient journey.

The board is led by Dr. Panos Sechopoulos, co-founder and chief medical officer at HealthBook+, with the support of advisory board coordinator Dr. Arleen Chung.

Dr. Sechopoulos said: “I am honoured to work with this team of distinguished medical practitioners who each contribute their expert experience to providing the best service, and who together share the company’s vision to leverage technology to empower individuals to take their next most appropriate health steps.”

Other members include:

  • Arleen Chung, specialist in paediatrics and coordinator of the medical advisory board
  • David Vigder, specialist in internal medicine focusing on direct primary care
  • Benjamin Wiseman, specialist in mental and behavioural health
  • Yunguo Yu, PhD, specialist in healthcare and AI/health data-driven models.

Further experienced medical experts are being selected to enable the advisory board to include multiple members with common specialties; and to broaden its overall scope.

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