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Precision Rehab: The ultimate powerchair solution provider



Precison Rehab

With nearly three decades of experience in the assessment, sales and servicing of specialist powerchairs, the Precision Rehab team which is headed up by founder Matt James and his wife Emma works closely with the client, their occupational therapist and anyone else involved in their day-to-day care from the first assessment through to delivery.

Some clients require a specialist seating system and Precision Rehab can achieve this through its relationships with many of the UK’s leading seating manufacturers.

This combined experience and network of contacts ensures that every client receives the powerchair and seating system which meets their specific requirements.

Alternatively, should a client require their existing moulded seating, this can be incorporated onto their chair using custom interfacing.

Personalising a chair does not stop at the seating system.

From mounting communication systems and bespoke controls which can include chin and head systems there is a wide choice of adaptions which can be installed.

Precision Rehab can also help the client choose their own paint finish.

Precision Rehab is recognised as being at the forefront of bespoke powerchair solutions and works with many of the leading powerchair manufacturers including Paravan, Dietz Power UK, Eurovema, Sunrise Medical, NHD and TrackMaster.

There are eight models in the Paravan range, from paediatric to heavy duty ensuring there is a powerchair to suit every potential client.

For younger and smaller clients, the Piccolino comes with three different seat options, the K110, K120 and the adult K130 and these, combined with individually adjustable side supports, head support and other seat accessories ensure each Piccolino is built to meet the individual needs of every user.  

Quadruple amputee Harmonie Allen who will be 9 in November is a fantastic example of a child who is benefitting from owning a Piccolino from Precision Rehab. 

At just 10 months old, Harmonie contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia which severely damaged all her limbs leaving doctors with no choice but to amputate.  

Harmonie who won the hearts of the nation when she won a Child of Courage award at the 2021 Pride of Britain Awards and has had her Piccolino for just over a month and loves it as her mother Freya explains. 

“The Piccolino does everything that Harmonie needs such as raise up, tilt back and tilt forward.  It is also very easy to control while the stunning two tone paint finish is the icing on the cake! 

“From the first call, Matt was fantastic, he is extremely professional, clearly knows what he is talking about and went above and beyond to ensure Harmonie had the powerchair that would enable her to live as independently as possible.  I would not hesitate in recommending Matt and Precision Rehab”.

The PR25 uses automatic stabilizer wheels to enable the seat system to be powered from a normal seat height to floor position allowing children to access the chair from ground level, it is also suitable for small adults.

With a seat to floor function combined with Tilt in Space, Recline Back and Seat Lift, the PR25 is easy to manoeuvre and suitable for all.

Complimenting the Piccolino and PR25 are the PR30 which has a unique electric seat slide function and the PR40 standing powerchair which has seat memory functions to ensure the user is always in the most comfortable positions.

The PR50 features the only crash tested 3-point seat belt which enables the user to drive a vehicle from their powerchair.

Designed to be highly manoeuvrable, the PR50 can turn within its own length due to its width of only 64cm and fit through standard doorways.

The latest additions to the Paravan range are the PR35 and PR35S which won the ‘Best in Show’ award at Naidex 2022.

With a chassis width of 57cm which is 30% smaller than the PR40 and a maximum user weight of 80kg, the front wheel drive PR35 is a genuine paediatric sized powerchair for children and smaller people.

The award winning PR35S has the same dimensions as the PR35 and is the smallest standing powerchair currently available. 

Standard powered features on both models include lying, seat lift, Tilt in space with anterior tilt, recline backrest with incorporated anti-sheer and elevating leg rests.

The PR35S has been crash tested for use in vehicles with tie down or docking systems.

For people looking for a standing powerchair which can accommodate users up to two metres tall and weighing up to 150kg, the Biolution is ideal and incorporates biomechanical movements to help simulate the body.

Completing the Paravan range is the Heavy-Duty model which has a maximum user capacity of 270kg.

The Dietz Power UK range of multi-functional powerchairs and Eurovema range of indoor chairs offer another choice.

The Dietz Sango range are powerchairs for all client groups – adults, paediatric and bariatric and whether they prefer RWD, FWD or MWD, Dietz offer the complete range to suit every client’s individual needs.

The Euromeva range is designed primarily for use indoors and comprises of 3 models, the Miniflex Front Wheel Drive, the Flexmobil i6 Mid-Wheel Drive and the Reflex Rear Wheel Drive which are available with a choice of seat options.

Precision Rehab is always looking to offer ground-breaking powerchair solutions such as the ULTRA LS300.

Designed by NHD (Nordisk Helse Design) the LS300 has a minimum floor to seat height of just 300mm to 600mm – the lowest ever available on a powerchair.

There are two NEW TrackMaster models available from Precision Rehab, the S1 and the S2 all-terrain track-based electric powerchairs both of which have been designed to take the user where they want to go independently.

The S2 off road capabilities are unmatched, and in the face of rocks, mud, sand, and snow it remains undaunted while the S1 is just as adapt at tackling tough terrain but with a width of just 72.4cm wide, fits through most doorway’s and into commonly used spaces within the home or workplace.

Completing the full Precision Rehab product portfolio is the Quickie Q-range of powerchairs which features the Q100, Q200, Q300, Q400 Q500 and top of the range Q700 including the Q700UP standing range.

“Every client is unique, and we believe in going the extra mile to find a bespoke solution to ensure every client receives a chair which meets all their individual requirements.

“Over the years, many customers have become friends and comment on our professional and friendly service, and this, combined with the superb products available from Precision Rehab is why more and more people have appointed us as their preferred powerchair provider” commented Director Matt James.

To discuss the full range of powerchairs available or book an assessment please call 01256 300111, email: [email protected]  or visit www.precisionrehab.co.uk


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