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Wound dressing breakthrough

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Adhesives technology company BDK has launched a new solution aimed at speeding up the manufacture of medicated wound dressings.

BDK, which has been established for more than 60 years, produces adhesive components for a wide range of sectors including the medical and healthcare, aerospace and automotive industries.

Commissioned in August, the new technology, based at the firm’s Suffolk HQ, applies an exact dosage of medicated liquids to a substrate, before being cut to size, pouched or packed into a bespoke format.

Medicated dressings, which are typically applied to open wounds or broken skin, are proven to encourage the body’s natural healing process, reducing the overall healing time.

The new technology “provides a solution for fast, high-quality manufacturing of medicated dressing”, which has historically been dependant on traditional saturation techniques.

BDK business development manager Neil Catchpool says: “We’ve applied our expertise to automate the traditional saturation process used in manufacturing medicated dressings, which will offer real advantages to a growing and important market.

“The benefits for our clients will be significant.

“Traditionally, material substrates would have to be dunked or fully saturated into baths of medicated solutions before being dried and cut to size.

“Our system can do this as one ‘in line’ process, working to extremely high levels of precision and quality.

“Defined amounts of the medicated liquids are repeatedly applied onto the substrate which can then be cut, converted and packed into any desired size in one of our bio-burden controlled class 7 clean rooms.

“This offers a much faster route to market, cutting out many of the steps usually needed, reducing time and expenditure.”

The new equipment is now in place after 6 months of design and development, with the final testing phases successfully carried out during the Covid lockdown period.

A change in market focus as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, alongside strong customer interest in this type of solution, were the driving forces behind BDK’s investment.

Neil says: “A lot of factors have come together to lead us towards the development of this new technology.

“We were already receiving enquiries from customers that have worked with us and trusted the quality of our products for some time, so it was something we were keen to explore. We’ve also noticed a stark change within personal healthcare manufacturing as result of Coronavirus. There is a trend away from product design focused on helping with everyday life, to the management of chronic diseases and a general push towards healing.

“Medicated dressings do just this, and I think this is the start of a flood of innovation based around supporting better health.

“For BDK, creating a manufacturing solution to address one of the major factors interfering with the normal healing process, is a step closer towards reducing the growing healthcare costs associated with chronic wounds.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunities ahead as we seek to grow our client base and continue to develop even more bespoke solutions for our customers.”

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