Will hospital see the light on the next way of cleaning post Covid?



UV light cleaning could replace the traditional disinfectant process

The race is on to step up to the next level of cleaning in public places in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospitals are turning towards new technology to stop the spread of infection and make sanitation more effective.

A hands-free cleaning approach which is delivered through beams of UV light has been identified as an effective way of disinfecting air and surface that people come in contact with.

Tests on UV-radiation show it’s capable of deactivating up to 99.9 per cent of all moulds, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

A study undertaken by Health Protection Scotland shows that in some cases UV radiation was more effective than standard cleaning methods while the World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved the technology’s use in tackling the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Walton Centre, which cares for vulnerable patients, was among the first hospitals in North West England to adopt UV light systems to kill germs. Staff feedback stated bacteria can adapt quickly to antibiotics unlike UV radiation.

LED Direct’s units are helping NHS healthcare facilities, care homes and professional sports clubs to reduce the associated risks of COVID-19 onsite as the country moves towards easing the national lockdown.


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