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Virtual event aims to promote healthcare innovation

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ClinHacks is helping students bring innovation to the healthcare industry

The Clinician Engineer Hub is hosting a virtual event which aims to promote innovation in the healthcare industry.

ClinHacks, which is due to take place on 13-14 March 2021, is set to provide a place for students interested in healthcare innovation to work on projects that interest them, with the goal of showcasing their talent.

Throughout the hackathon, there will be workshops to help inspire the participants and get their project off the ground, including intro to app design, privacy compliance for medical apps, how to build a chatbot and how to turn a clinical problem into a business plan.

Groups will submit their projects and winners will be selected by a panel of judges. Sponsor-funded prizes will be awarded to top groups.

Industry experts, clinicians and hospital CMIOs will share their expertise and discuss current and future medical innovation trends.

Claire Fine, North American strategy lead for The Clinician Engineer Hub, said: “I created ClinHacks after becoming frustrated with the lack of collaboration between engineers, developers and health care professionals. Students can build real solutions to medical challenges and there is no better time for innovation than now.

“ClinHacks provides students exposure to cross-disciplinary teamwork and core concepts of medical innovation. To address challenges in healthcare, collaboration between medical professionals, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs is critical.

Dr Neel Sharma, founder and director of the Clinician Engineer Hub, added: “ClinHacks is a fantastic initiative. “Engineering platforms guide clinicians each and every day when diagnosing and managing patients, yet clinicians lack engineering know how.

“ClinHacks will present a real opportunity to better understand engineering applications in healthcare and innovate new solutions accordingly. The future of healthcare is the clinician engineer.”

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