Trulioo unveils partnership with True Medical



Trulioo and True Medical have announced a new partnership

Global identity verification company Trulioo has unveiled a new partnership with digital healthcare provider True Medical.

True Medical is designed to digitalise doctor appointments and trips to the pharmacy, allowing users to have online consultations and receive delivered prescriptions.

With access to a marketplace of independent data sources through Trulioo GlobalGateway, True Medical can now verify and offer quick digital onboarding to its UK users, while ensuring it is compliant with local health regulations.

Depending on the information that the user provides during sign-up, True Medical will be able to determine whether they need more details or if what is provided at first will suffice.

Steve Munford, CEO of Trulioo, said: “We are very excited to partner with True Medical and provide our innovative solution to help this start-up scale and offer a seamless and convenient onboarding process for those in need of medical services in the UK.

“As we have witnessed, this pandemic changed the way we do business and, above all, the way we live our lives, so now more than ever, services like True Medical are essential for the population.”

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