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Thomson Screening co-founder on tackling healthcare admin challenges

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Marta Kalas is using her products to help the NHS

Marta Kalas, the co-founder of Thomson Screening, has spoken to Health Tech world about using technology to tackle the administrative challenges of healthcare.

Thomson Screening is a City, University of London spin-out formed to manage the ongoing development and global implementation of SchoolScreener software.

The company’s software has been used to manage more than one million screenings. Most of these have been in the UK by the NHS and other providers of Healthy Child Programmes in schools.

Kalas said: “The main business is providing software for school nursing teams to help with the day-to-day administrative tasks, especially things like vision screening and hearing screening.

“About 18 months ago, we realised that there was another very big administrative burden on the school nursing teams, which was immunisation, flu vaccines mostly, but any immunisation with a flu vaccine in particular.

“So, we then developed two products in the last 18 months, one is an immunisation management tool and the other one is a questionnaire management tool. They have both been reasonably successful because they relieve a huge administrative burden.”

Thomson, which was awarded a £50,000 innovate UK grant earlier this year, has also developed the Covid-19 Test Manager, a data management tool that integrates and communicates vital information to healthcare bodies, including care homes, for timely and critical decision-making.

The manager provides a dashboard that can be configured to suit a particular care home, local authority or testing centre’s needs with a range of charts and graphs to highlight key information.

It also sends fully customisable questionnaires to residents for self-reporting, with residents receiving tailored automated public health messaging.

Raw data is configured into digestible reports that helps to monitor testing data, giving full visibility of developments in a care provider’s area of responsibility.

Kalas added: “In the UK everything is NHS test and trace, which we obviously don’t get involved in. But commercial companies are now looking at testing their employees, and we tried to interact with them, these venues, but there is not a support mechanism yet.

“So, we’re in that space where we are reaching out to other companies and other companies reach out to us. We know that our software is probably a relatively small part of the bigger solution, but I think it is quite an important part.

“What we are doing is bringing our school nursing and mass immunisation experience to the table. We know how to handle privacy, how to have different levels of access and how to have something on a personal level.

“If you were running a fleet of drivers, you need to know that in the Northampton area, there are several people that are now at risk. So, we can see us being quite important in providing that context.”

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