Siemens launches high-resolution CT scanner to improve clinician efficiency

A new computed tomography (CT) scanner from Siemens Healthineers which produces high-resolution images quickly in a clinical setting has been unveiled.



Demand for CT scans has seen a huge increase as scientists learn more about its potential applications

Somatom X.ceed is the firm’s fastest single-source scanner and will allow clinicians to make fast decisions in areas like emergency imaging, cardiac CT and CT-guided interventions.

The hardware expands clinical capabilities in these rapidly growing areas and will specifically benefit those procedures where time and precision are essential.

Its fast rotation time and user-friendly tablet operation allows clinicians to maximise their efficiency while also improving patient experiences.

As well as this the device comes with two companion systems to help its operation: myNeedle and myExam.

The myNeedle technology simplifies minimally invasive procedures, with the combination of hardware and software increasing the performance and outcomes of these.

It is also the first universal solution with a harmonised user interface which allows the planning and guidance of methods that need to break through a patient’s skin, a common practice in CT scanning.

The addition of the myNeedle Laser also accurately shows the entry point and insertion angle for these procedures.

The myExam software is also freeing up clinician time, as the training system quickly teaches staff how to use the Somatom X.ceed, from patient preparation to image evaluation.

The familiar interface of all the related software allows staff to instantly recognise it, reducing the chances of any complications as well as minimising training efforts.

Philipp Fischer, head of computed tomography at Siemens Healthineers, said: “As the number and complexity of radiological procedures increase, demands on staff are reaching heightened levels.

“This continues to  cause unwarranted variation, in both diagnostic and interventional procedures. Somatom X.ceed, together with myNeedle Companion, is a true game changer for CT-guided interventions.

“After the introduction of myExam Companion last year, reducing the overall complexity of scanner operation in as many aspects as possible was our next logical step.” 

The demand for CT scans has increased by 250 per cent in the last 20 years, with almost half of sites performing at least three or more of these per day.

Currently the success rates can vary and are heavily dependent on a user’s experience levels, something the Somatom X.ceed is hoping to change.

Despite these limitations CT scans still have huge diagnostic application in modern healthcare and are being used to assess a range of conditions.

As Health Tech World reported on recently, the combination of this and ultrasound images by those at the University of Cambridge is assisting doctors in creating more accurate tumour biopsies.

The process is also being used to help COVID-19 patients when combined with other non-imaging data, with researchers successfully creating an algorithm that predicts which patients will need ICU intervention.


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