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Scientific community called on for research collaborations in skin care 



The open innovation platform, AlmirallShare, is calling on the scientific community in a bid to identify new treatments for skin health and establish collaborations in dermatological research.

This is the fifth call from the platform which seeks partnering opportunities for new assets, new chemical entities, biologics and other advanced therapies. 

With this call to the scientific community, Almirall opts to unite the science and creativity of experts from around the world with the company’s knowledge and expertise. 

AlmirallShare is responsible for approximately 50% of the private-public collaborations driven by the Spanish pharmaceutical company, Almirall.

The platform was launched in 2017. Since then, Almirrall claims it has received more than 350 proposals, with a total of 900 scientists showing interest in participating.

Maribel Crespo, AlmirallShare leader, said: “AlmirallShare calls were very well received by the scientific community. This encourages us to continue promoting new partnership projects in R&D to develop innovative solutions in medical dermatology.

“After having started what looks to be a very promising collaborative projects since 2017, AlmirallShare has become a key tool for successful strategic partnerships that will translate into advances in treatments for dermatological conditions.”  

To date, six collaborations have been established, based on new therapies (IDIBAPS, University of Turin), new targets (Dublin City University, University of Namur), and new preclinical models (University College Dublin, University of Sheffield). Additionally, three new collaborative projects are expected to start in the near future.

AlmirallShare says this call reinforces its commitment to collaborative and shared innovation in R&D by offering a partnership opportunity and asset characterisation in a pre-agreed panel of relevant cellular assays and in vivo models of dermatological diseases.

In all cases, Almirall confirms that applicants will retain ownership of their intellectual property.

Scientists affiliated with start-ups, biotechs, universities, research centres, and pharmaceutical companies from anywhere in the world may submit their proposals on until October 31, 2020.

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