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Samsung invests in healthcare technology

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Samsung Electronics is to push the development of robust healthcare technology products in the light of a recent survey which reveals this is the market trend.

New research by the electronics giant looking at the benefits of rugged technology in the sector revealed that more than nine out of ten employees would like to see investment in more devices in the future.

The results indicated that rugged tech will dominate the future of the industry, with six in ten believing that tougher devices will be essential over the next two years. More than seven out of ten of those currently using rugged tech who were surveyed claimed that the devices were a gamechanger and they couldn’t imagine working without them.

Joe Walsh, director of B2B at Samsung UK & Ireland, told Health Tech World: “The research has been an invaluable exercise into the industries we work with, and we hope to be able to continue developing the products that support their needs.’’

He added: “The research results clearly illustrate the benefits of rugged technology for a wide range of businesses who have already adopted it, but it also highlights specific gaps for us where we can now focus our efforts.

“The rugged sector is experiencing a period of growth and people are now realising that they can purchase hardware that is both meets the highest specification, while also being durable. Not long ago, this wasn’t the case.’’

He cited the example of Samsung’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab Active3.

“The device meets military-grade IP68 and MIL-STD 810H standards, making it durable enough to withstand the harshest of working conditions. This means that our devices are resistant to dust and up to 1.2 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes (IP68) and can withstand a drop of up to 1.5 metres, with the inbox protective case. With Touch Sensitivity mode, the device can also be operated when wearing gloves, which has become a must for professionals in the current climate.

“For healthcare professionals, the ability to carry around a lightweight device that they can use when wearing gloves is invaluable. And, due to the rugged nature, they can also clean it more effectively and thoroughly, which is of course critical within a clinical environment, without worrying about breaking the device.’’

The survey showed that nine in ten believed investing in rugged tech had reduced their long-term company costs, with two thirds claiming that reducing replacement costs had been the primary driver of economic savings.

“In addition to this, our rugged technology is designed with the future in mind, meaning those investing in a new fleet now will not need to consider reinvesting in new technology for some time,’’ said Walsh.

Samsung believes that across a range of industries, apart from healthcare, and including sectors such as construction and transport, there is growing enthusiasm for robust hardware to become the norm.

Walsh said: “Based on our customer needs, we are committed to constantly innovate and develop our own portfolio, adding features to our devices that support businesses in all environments, such as the healthcare sector. For example, our latest devices – such as the Galaxy XCover Pro and Tab Active3 – incorporates our push-to-talk function, which allows nurses or frontline responders to use the device as a walkie-talkie, enabling them to communicate with colleagues at the push of a button.’’

He added: “It’s our job as a manufacturer of these devices to showcase the benefits of rugged technology and how it can help businesses operate.’’

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