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RLDatix amplifies importance of patient & health worker safety

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RLDatix, the leading global provider of intelligent safety solutions, has published a new international report entitled “The Overlooked Pandemic – How to Transform Patient Safety and Save Healthcare Systems”.

The report includes an introduction by RLDatix CEO Jeff Surges, as well as contributions from the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), the President of the International Council of Nurses, the Executive Director of Unitaid and the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the UK to name a few.

The launch of the report coincided with Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) and is one of many initiatives the company is undertaking to raise awareness during this critical time.

PSAW is an annual event that seeks to advance important discussions and inspire action to improve the safety of the global healthcare system.

According to the WHO, unsafe care results in over 3 million deaths around the globe each year. The economic cost of patient harm is just as staggering.

The Organisation of Economic Development (OECD) states that eliminating preventable patient harm could boost global economic growth by over 0.7 per cent per year, adding up to more than USD 29 trillion, or about 36 per cent of current global output over a decade. What’s more, the G20 forecasts patient safety issues to cost the global economy USD 383.7 billion by 2022.

“While the world continues to struggle with challenges brought on by COVID-19, unsafe care and preventable harm continue to have a devastating impact on patients, their families and health workers”, said Jeff Surges, CEO, RLDatix.

“With this report, we have brought together international experts to share their perspectives and shine a light on what has for too long been an overlooked pandemic.”

In addition to the report, RLDatix has also created the #SaferTogetherwithRLDatix campaign, focused on highlighting the 6 key aims of healthcare improvement identified by the Institute of Medicine (IOM): patient-centeredness, timeliness, effectiveness, safety, efficiency and equity.

#SaferTogetherwithRLDatix provides a variety of engaging resources, including a downloadable PSAW toolkit to help educate and amplify the importance of patient and health worker safety.

“While significant progress has been made to improve patient and health worker safety over the past few decades, more needs to be done to realise a world with zero preventable harm,” continued Surges. “Together with our clients and global network of partners, RLDatix is committed to making unsafe care a thing of the past.”

To learn more about RLDatix’s #SaferTogetherwithRLDatix campaign and to download your #PSAW2021 toolkit, visit www.rldatix.com/PSAW2021.

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