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Remote monitoring firm nears £250,000 crowdfunding target

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PCL Health has raised the money from around 50 investors

A company developing technology for the remote monitoring of patients is nearing its £250,000 crowdfunding target.

PCL Health plans to operate a B2B SaaS model to solve a problem for doctors, hospitals and care homes.

Its platform uses health algorithms combined with sensors and proprietary apps to allow family members to proactively monitor the health of their loved ones, alongside carers and doctors, remotely.

The company has currently raised £248,719 from 50 investors on Crowdcube.

A statement on the firm’s crowdfunding page said: “Correct use of remote monitoring can reduce mortality by up to 45%. It is therefore no surprise that the market is growing at 38% a year and is set to reach $30bn by 2023. Remote healthcare is only at the beginning of a very long growth trend.

“With the help of predictive algorithms, our clinical dashboard is designed to reveal real-time deterioration in a patient’s health and can form an early warning score to alert users about upcoming health risks.

“It will save doctors time and could enable them to pick up health problems before they become severe.”

PCL Health will use the funding tech enhancement, running pilots and working capital, with 30 days remaining on the campaign.

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