Registrations open for LMDC23 conference



Record breaking waiting lists and staff shortages are causing NHS staff burnout.

Digital solutions like remote monitoring are helping improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Are you curious to learn about the benefits of virtual wards and hear from pioneers ready to share their best practices?

Then join us at LMDC23!

The Luscii Medical Developer Conference (LMDC23) takes place on November 3 at The Royal Institution in London (UK).

At this year’s LMDC, you can engage with the rapidly expanding community of forward-thinking professionals using the Luscii platform to connect with patients at their home.

The conference has established itself over three years as leading the conversation on virtual wards, remote monitoring and digital care.

Registration is free and open to healthcare professionals from across the UK.

Headline speaker, Sir Muir Gray will explore the paradigm shift in how we look at patients.

Titled “How citizens in digital groups can improve wellbeing and save universal healthcare,” it’s an exploration of the impact that digital care can have on patient outcomes and system performance.

As well as a keynote address by Sir Muir Gray, participants will hear about the experiences of Rachel Woodington, Digital Care Hub Manager and Advanced Nurse practitioner of the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust using Luscii.

The Trust has seen huge engagement from patients and some impressive health outcomes.

For the first time, Rachel and her team will be presenting the clinical outcomes from 18 months of monitoring over 1,500 COPD patients using Luscii.

Ruben de Neef, part of the organisation committee from Luscii said:

“We’ve developed a programme for LMDC23 that reflects the challenges and opportunities healthcare innovators face when introducing new technologies like Luscii.

“As well as industry experts, our breakout sessions enable NHS professionals to get into the details, learning from real-life NHS projects and understanding the impact and patient outcomes.”

During the afternoon, attendees can participate in a series of breakout sessions, where they can learn more about Luscii and understand its potential.

Representatives from London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust will share learning and insights from its IBD ward, and explain how to build an inclusive and effective care pathway.

Also, the audience will learn about some new and exciting features that Luscii is adding to the app that will improve Luscii’s functionality, benefiting both patients and providers.

Why should people sign-up for LMDC23?

Andrea Campbell Jackson, Service Support Manager – Virtual Ward and Hospital at Home Team – The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, said:

“LMDC is an incredible opportunity to meet other like-minded healthcare professionals and the Luscii team.

“It was great to hear about the different applications of remote monitoring and virtual wards, and really inspired us for our own virtual ward service.

“If you’re working with remote care, I’d recommend attending!”

To register for your free ticket, click here.

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