Recruitment entrepreneur launches life sciences firm



David Spencer-Percival, serial entrepreneur and founder of two globally successful recruitment businesses, Huntress and Spencer Ogden, is launching his latest venture, Life Science People.

With a personal investment of £2m and an initial team of 20, Spencer-Percival’s team have set their sights set on ambitious growth, with plans to have a London office of 100 by December, and nine international offices within five years.

In launching Life Science People he continues his commitment to hiring and training graduates, something he has maintained throughout all of his ventures, and feels even more passionate about given the current Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing economic contraction.

He is particularly interested in how the new world of work will cater for young people as they enter the workforce.

Spencer-Percival is one of the world’s leading recruitment entrepreneurs having been listed in the Sunday Times Fast Track five times, and has a reputation for launching businesses in the wake of a global crisis.

His first business, Huntress, was launched off the back of the technology crash and Spencer-Ogden in the wake of the 2008 financial crash.

He also founded the award-winning drinks brand No1 Rosemary Water which is now being sold in more than 27 countries worldwide.

Spencer-Percival will continue as executive chairman of the drinks brand.

David sold Huntress for £50m at the age of 36, and went on to found Spencer-Ogden, which was sold in February 2020 to a private equity firm MML Capital Partners.

David’s decision to focus on life sciences follows record investment in the sector in 2018/19 and is in response to the rapid technological advances and innovation in both life sciences and the broader world of work today.

“I do seem to have a habit of taking on new projects at challenging times! The truth is, life sciences has seen two years of unparalleled investment, and I believe in taking risks in growing markets. Recruiting the talent of the future has always been a passion of mine, and in all my businesses I’ve helped some of the brightest and best to unlock their potential. Life Science People will be no different.”


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