Quantum Design enters partnership agreement with the MTIF



Quantum Design UK and Ireland are experts in a variety of medical technology fields

Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI) has entered into a partnership agreement with the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) to give customers the ability to view and utilise the JA Woollam IR VASE II Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.

The nature of Ellipsometry makes it ideal for diagnostics in several sectors such as semiconductor devices, photovoltaics, nano-photonics, flat panel displays, optical coating stacks, construction materials, biological and medical coatings, protective layers, as well as real-time quality control.

This new collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of QDUKI in materials characterisation, high-sensitivity electrical measurements, magneto-optical experiments, with the MEMS, nanofabrication and medical technology research and development capabilities of MTIF.

Professor Mike Hannay, managing director of MTIF, said: “This partnership provides companies with a unique opportunity to use cutting edge Ellipsometry technology supported by renowned research expertise.

“These capabilities are usually unavailable to all but the largest organisations. This partnership allows organisations of every size the opportunity to accelerate their development programmes.”

Through this new technical partnership, QDUKI and MTIF will integrate their respective advanced technologies and development capabilities to showcase this novel technology onsite at MTIF in Nottingham.

Dr Shayz Ikram, technical director of UDUKI, added: “QDUKI saw the potential in this collaboration for the academic and industrial communities within the UK and Ireland to access the unique capabilities of the JA Woollam IR VASE II ellipsometer.

“We believe this offering will give researchers the opportunity for one off measurements for a huge variety of applications, without needing the equipment in their own research laboratory.”

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