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Privacy-focused COVID care platform brought to market

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A privacy-focused COVID-19 care platform has been brought to market by a London biotech firm.

BLOK BioScience’s end-to-end system enables organisations to take full control of the safety of their premises through a CE marked 15-minute test and an ID2020 certified digital health pass.

At the front end of the system are two apps – BLOK Pass and BLOK Verify – which enable an organisation representative to check the health status of a person who wants to access their premises by scanning their phone.

The system then checks the individual’s health status against pre-selected entry criteria and a traffic light system signals whether they are fit to enter, are required to take an action such as a test, or could pose an infection risk and so should not be given access.

Organisations can configure their entry criteria around COVID-19 test results, symptom tracking, travel history, close contacts and vaccination records, as well as analyse anonymous data to quickly spot any rise in infection rates. However, individuals retain full control of their information and identity.

Chris Justice, BLOK BioScience president, said: “The last few months have been a huge challenge for organisations and, up until now, most have understandably relied on Government measures to keep their people and premises safe.

“However, dynamic and socially responsible organisations are now looking at how they can take more responsibility for ensuring they protect their people and earn the right to stay open.

“We’re working with a number of schools, care homes, event planners and airports to introduce an ethical and secure testing and digital pass solution that will build trust by protecting people’s health and privacy.

“It is clear that COVID-19 will remain alongside us for some time yet and, even when a vaccine is available, a system will be needed to manage the records. This is a long-term problem that requires long-term ethical and inclusive solutions to meet the health and data privacy needs of organisations and their people. That’s exactly what the BLOK Pass is built for.”

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