Perinatal safety tech business set for expansion through acquisition



A pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve safety in childbirth has been acquired, in a move which will allow it to expand its perinatal technology throughout the US and beyond. 

PeriGen has become part of Halma plc, a FTSE 100 global group of life-saving technology companies which invests in healthcare, industrial safety technology and environmental monitoring, to bring about new solutions internationally. 

The acquisition has been hailed as giving PeriGen a stronger platform for long-term growth and enabling access to the network and resources which can enable international roll-out. 

PeriGen’s unique technology helps protect mothers and their unborn babies by using AI tools to continuously monitor patients during labour, to identify and highlight any concerning trends. 

Its software – which runs at hundreds of facilities in North America, including academic medical centres, community hospitals and rural care centres – supports healthcare professionals to assess complex data more easily and communicate more effectively, while allowing them to spend more time on direct patient care. 

PeriGen’s tools are increasingly being used in a Centralised Remote Foetal Monitoring (CRFM) configuration where a single care team watches over mothers labouring in multiple facilities. 

Since 2016, PeriGen has worked closely with majority shareholders Ambina Partners and investors Galen Partners to make operational improvements, execute strategic acquisitions, and implement a focused strategic plan. 

The resulting platform of perinatal technology has been shown to help healthcare workers mitigate the primary causes of adverse events in childbirth. 

“The last few years have been transformational for PeriGen and demonstrates the potent combination of aligning the interests of a management team, investors and, most importantly, customers and their patients,” said Matthew Sappern, PeriGen CEO. 

“Years of financial stability and product discipline have led us to a point where we can make impact at scale in North America and soon beyond as part of Halma plc. We are excited for what the future holds for our company.”


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