Pain relief technology expands into UK



A laser-powered pain relief device for at-home treatment which has sold more than 250,000 units across the globe has launched in the UK. 

With 28 million sufferers of pain in the UK, the handheld B-Cure Laser device uses low-level laser technology (LLLT) to provides pain relief for the back, neck and shoulders.

It treats acute and long-term chronic pain but also works to treat the source of the problem, and clients range from athletes to people in retirement.

“Chronic pain is an historic curse that we now have a technologically-advanced solution for. Our laser therapy is revolutionising the treatment of chronic pain,” says Itay Avni, director of business development at B-Cure Laser.

“With our device, the consumer can take better care of themselves and their families by treating the pain at home. B-Cure Laser can treat numerous illnesses that are currently mostly treatable in medical facilities, including lower and upper back pain, knee and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

“More than 250,000 people have benefitted from our devices globally and we are thrilled to be widening its availability to people across the UK.”

The product is available in two models – the B-Cure Laser Classic and the B-Cure Laser Pro, which is 33 per cent more powerful. Both models emit a low-level laser beam of light that is applied over a 4cm2 area to provide pain relief and wound healing acceleration.

It works on the skin surface while penetrating through the skin tissue with no heating effect and without causing any damage.

The device also sees a potential market in those working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen many workers struggle with posture through a makeshift at-home office setup. A survey early in 2021 found that 8.2m UK workers risk back pain because of these temporary offices, and 46 per cent of those did not have a suitable desk.

Additional benefits of the device come in the field of dermatology with sores that are usually hard to cure – diabetic sores, acne, and herpes simplex – able to be treated.


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