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Online training package for professionals using electronic health records

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The openEHR Learning Management System will help clinicians manage patient records more efficiently

Using electronic health records can provide better outcomes for patients and improve efficiency. An interactive course for healthcare professionals has been unveiled in the UK.

Future Perfect Healthcare, a healthcare firm, has partnered with Rosaldo, an e-health consultancy and training provider, to launch an openEHR Learning Management System in the UK.

Hanna Pohjonen, of Rosaldo has tailored the course to reflect content on electronic shared care pathway records in the NHS.

It provides health and care professionals with access to information on openEHR.

The openEHR Learning Management System complements Future Perfect Healthcare’s PANACEA product set. PANACEA is an electronic pathway record suite which uses openEHR to allow health and care organisations to see a full view of a patient.

The openEHR Learning Management System shows how openEHR can be used, helping organisations to manage the digital transformation in health.

The interactive course, which comprises training videos alongside other materials, is structured in 23 sections which break down openEHR into bitesize modules. The content is based on feedback from healthcare professionals themselves.

Participants access the material through a virtual classroom space, which allows them to comment and discuss the content with their peers and Hanna as the course leader.

Jon Reed, chief digital officer for Future Perfect Healthcare said: “As partners with a deep understanding of the openEHR landscape and the need for disruption if we are to drive real, much needed change in healthcare, we’re very proud to work with Hanna on bringing this course to the UK market.

“With the NHS set to undergo reforms in order to facilitate better integration between health and social care, the future lies in getting the data right so that clinicians have all the information they need at the point of care, and patients receive better care as a result.

“We believe that openEHR is the key to unlocking that information, and it starts with helping everyone get that basic level of understanding.”

Hanna Pohjonen added: “It became clear that there is a need to de-mystify openEHR. There is a thirst for knowledge but the information available was too academic, technical and complicated.

“With this course, we explore the benefits and best practice examples which showcase how openEHR’s full potential can be unlocked together in a modern learning environment so that everyone can get an overview.”

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