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OnePlan and Karantis360 discuss benefits of new partnership

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Domiciliary care management software provider OnePlan has partnered with predictive care platform Karantis360 to provide an extension to its current system. Health Tech World spoke to senior figures from both companies about the deal’s potential.

Karantis360 uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor the daily activities of older adults and vulnerable individuals being cared for in their own home or in assisted living facilities.

Running on the IBM Cloud, the service uses IBM’s AI and advanced analytics to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour. Through a mobile app, Karantis360 provides caregivers and chosen family members with a complete picture of the wellbeing of the care recipient and alerts them to any abnormalities in daily behaviour, which may require immediate safeguarding intervention.

This will add to Oneplan’s platform which utilises a cloud-based staff rostering and electronic call monitoring software, designed to eliminate endless paperwork while retaining compliance. The system aims to give carers more time to care for their clients, as well as peace of mind by giving them the ability to track the location of their employees.

Sue Newsome, Oneplan CEO, said: “We have found that a lot our care providers have a huge amount of demands placed on them, which is particularly challenging at the moment with all of the COVID restrictions. The hospitals are trying to release people early that don’t really need to be in hospital, but they do require more care and safety provision put around them, and we are finding that our care providers are really struggling to manage this.

“We have had a couple of instances where patients have fallen over and have had to lay on the floor for a couple of hours; on one occasion one person actually passed away before their care provider could get to them the following day.

“That is why we thought that this would be a perfect partnership so they can be externally monitored remotely. The family knows what’s going on, the care company knows what’s going on, but we don’t have to have an extra three visits when there is not actually an extra need for it.”

Helen Dempster, founder of Karantis360, added: “It was such a great fit from our perspective and Oneplan are a really good company to work with.

“It’s a new technology that is enabling a different level of care and support that has never been available before. I really do believe that this whole sector will be catapulted. People are now understanding that technology is no longer a foe but a friend.

“What has really come to fruition since COVID-19 is that it is a real bonus to be able to support carers with the right level of information and arm them with the right detail to ask the right questions when they attend a client’s home. Having that better understanding of what they are going to is also helping and protecting the care workers themselves.

“We can provide that best practice support and care. It is a package that fits each individual; it is truly a person-centred solution that is scalable as and when it is required.”

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