NHS Dumfries and Galloway deploys Morse EPR in Midpark Hospital to provide complete inpatient care in mental health services



NHS Dumfries and Galloway (NHS D&G) has adopted the Morse EPR solution from Cambric Systems for use in Midpark Hospital. Now, over 260 healthcare professionals across Midpark Hospital use Morse to access up to date patient and clinical data for inpatient care in the wards.

NHS D&G was looking for a solution that would help support multi-disciplinary teams working in the Midpark Hospital wards to access and update patient records more efficiently.

This would give a complete picture of the health and treatment programme of each inpatient to support their wellbeing and care.

Top challenges included:

  • Requirement to provide ward staff with complete visibility of up to date details on all patient treatments, tests and care.
  • The need for one central system that is accessible by all multi-disciplinary staff to use and update.
  • Ensure an easy to use system is in place to that reduces duplication and risk of lost paperwork.
  • Meet the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland requirements for patient care.


Up to date ‘holistic’ patient care information – templates have been created to ensure that accurate data is captured during every meeting, with automated reminders that flag when checks and reviews in the care plan are required.

Time savings – using Morse in the wards has significantly reduced time spent by healthcare professionals on administration, saving up to two hours a day for each ward. Forms can be completed in meetings, reducing duplication of paperwork and mitigating the risk of errors in data entry between systems.

Improved cross-team communication – being able to enter feedback from previous treatments and activities has improved multi-disciplinary team working. Referrals, test results and assessments from each department enable details of care plans to be easily shared.

One single system –all patient data can now be accessed in one system, everyone has the same information ensuring safety and wellbeing of patients.

Simplicity – easy to use, the Morse solution provides an electronic ‘to-do list’ for staff, including a traffic light system for tasks and checks that need to be carried out.

Continuity of care – automated system generated reminders flag when a care plan needs to be reviewed and/or action needs to be taken with medication or tests.

Good governance – the Morse solution helps to meet the requirements of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland for patient care.

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