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Newcastle based technology could revolutionise organ donation transport



Newcastle University helped develop the new delivery system

A North East based company could be on the verge of providing a novel method of organ transportation.

Advanced organ preservation systems tend to be costly and in many countries storing organs in ice boxes is the reality.

Now thanks to a development stage spin-out from Newcastle University and Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a new alternative could change traditional delivery.

The ScubaTX device will leverage expertise in software design to commercialise a proven but unexploited organ preservation technique, Persufflation. 

It aims to offer healthcare providers significant net savings, and help clinicians around the world to increase the pool of donated organs. 

Four patents have been filed, and clear development and clinical plans are in place. 

Newcastle University has a solid track record in producing spin-out companies from research, triggering the development of new products and services.

During lockdown, new companies have launched from the university that include Dragonfly Insulation Ltd, ScubaTx, GlycoScore, Indicatrix and XR Therapeutics.

XR Therapeutics is using immersive reality for the treatment of autism, while Indicatrix provides bespoke crystallisation screening for small organic molecules, and GlycoScore is a prostate diagnostic.

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1 Comment

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