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New wearable aims to take fall detection a step forward

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Digital care and health products firm Tunstall Healthcare has launched a new wearable which enables two-way speech, fall detection and locatability.

Tunstall Go, developed in partnership with Chiptech, is designed to complement telecare packages by providing users with the means to access help when away from home.

It is worn as a pendant or attached to a keyring and, if activated by the user, connects to a monitoring centre with two-way communication.

From here, an operator can establish the nature of the event. Activation also automatically notifies the monitoring centre of the user’s location, meaning appropriate assistance can be sent.

Tunstall GO will also automatically raise an alert if a fall has been detected, when the device is worn as a pendant.

Gavin Bashar, managing director at Tunstall Healthcare, said the product would “empower vulnerable people whilst reassuring family members that loved ones are being protected”.

He added: “This is particularly important whilst we continue to experience the effects of the COVID pandemic, and many vulnerable groups may be nervous about leaving home. It is an innovative product that can provide the confidence for people to reconnect with their communities and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen increased recognition of the value of technology in providing care and healthcare remotely, and a corresponding acceleration in adoption. This is something we expect to continue in coming months and years, and are working closely with our customers to help them develop their services as technology advances.”

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