New smart label alerts users to replace face masks



The mask's smart label help decide when a mask has reached the end of its cycle

Insignia Technologies has unveiled a new smart label which is designed to alert users to replace their face mask when needed.

Insignia’s smart label changes colour to indicate when a disposable face mask has reached the end of its recommended lifespan or when a reusable mask requires to be changed.

Founded in 2012, Insignia Technologies’ smart labels are used across the food and drink sector. When Covid-19 hit the UK, Insignia’s team of scientists redeveloped its label technology so that it could be suitable for application on face masks.

CEO David Kilshaw said: “We want to educate mask users of the importance of following recommended guidelines when it comes to face masks.

“Hospital staff and others in medical settings are required to wear masks at all times while at work, so it’s important that they remember to change their masks regularly in accordance with the suggested time frame – the same guidelines are relevant for those visiting hospitals for extended periods to receive treatment.

“By including our innovative label technology on masks, we can ensure that PPE is being used responsibly and isn’t being worn for too long or thrown away too quickly.”

Insignia has also modified a version of the label intended for use within the medical and healthcare sector. With many medical instruments and devices, such as endoscopes, requiring replacement after a defined timeframe, the technology helps by monitoring this timeframe, allowing staff to observe, check and replace a medical instrument or device appropriately.

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