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New partnership using AI for lung cancer drug discovery

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Innovate UK are backing the partnership which is aiming to discover new drugs to treat lung cancer

A new partnership is applying artificial intelligence to find new disease drivers and candidate drugs for lung cancer.

The Innovate UK-backed collaboration between Intelligent OMICS, Arctoris and Medicines Discovery Catapult is designed to de-risk future R&D projects and demonstrate new cost and time-saving approaches to drug discovery.

Intelligent OMICS use in silico (computer-based) tools to find alternative druggable targets. It has already completed a successful analysis of cellular signalling pathways elsewhere in lung cancer and is now selectively targeting the KRAS signalling pathway.

As Intelligent OMICS’ technology identifies novel biological mechanisms, Medicines Discovery Catapult will explore the appropriate chemical tools and leads that can be used against these new targets, and Arctoris will use its automated drug discovery platform in Oxford to conduct the biological assays which will validate them experimentally.

The group will provide druggable chemistry against the entire in silico pipeline.

Dr Simon Haworth, CEO of Intelligent OMICS, said: “By analysing transcriptomic and similar molecular data, our neural networks algorithms re-model known pathways and identify new, important targets. This enables us to develop and own a broad stream of new drugs.

“Lung cancer is just the start; we have parallel programs running in many other areas of cancer, in infectious diseases, in auto-immune disease, in Alzheimer’s and elsewhere.

“We have to thank Innovate UK for backing this important work. The independent validation of our methodology by the highly respected cheminformatics team at MDC coupled with the extraordinarily rapid, wet lab validation provided by Arctoris, will finally prove that, in drug discovery, the era of AI has arrived.”

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