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New hearing aid utilises deep neural network

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Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon has developed a new device which uses a deep neural network (DNN) to support the user’s brain.

Oticon More enables the user’s brain to work in the most natural and effective way. The device is designed to provide your brain with access to all of the relevant sounds it needs, while ensuring sound remains comfortable.

The product is trained specifically to make it easier for the user to handle a full sound scene, even in environments such as a crowded party or a busy restaurant. Oticon has said that it is the first hearing aid company to train an on-board DNN with sounds recorded outside of the lab, transforming the information your hearing aids help you to hear with.

President Ole Asboe Jørgensen said: “It is time for a new perspective in hearing care, and Oticon More is the solution.

“We have long advocated the need to support the brain through hearing technology, and as a consequence, we have pioneered many technologies that are already helping our users to lead fuller lives.

“We understand that it is essential to give your brain as much sound information as possible in order to hear properly, which our recent research into how the brain works to handle sound confirms, clearly demonstrating that the brain needs access to a full sound scene in order to focus well.

“Hearing aids should, put simply, help you to hear all you need, and comfortably. By limiting what you can hear to just a single person speaking for example, which most hearing aids do, your brain is forced to work harder in an unnatural way, and you can be cut off from other conversations around you.

“By helping the brain to process sound in the most natural way, we will better help reduce the health and life problems associated with untreated hearing loss, which almost all stem from the impact hearing loss has on the brain and the lack of social interaction as a result of it being too difficult to take part.

He added: “We are so proud to be inventing hearing technology that will shape the hearing aids of tomorrow.”

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