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New app allows bosses to check on who has received the Covid vaccine

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As staff return to work after lockdown, employers face the challenge of knowing who has tested negative for the virus or who has had the vaccination. Simon Osman of tested.me tells Health Tech World employers have a duty to create a safe workplace while keeping personal data safe and secure

A new smartphone app and management dashboard could help employers to keep track of which staff have tested negative for COVID-19 or had a vaccination.

As lockdown restrictions lift and employees begin to return to the workplace, employers will be facing up to a new challenge of how to manage the health status of their employees and minimise the chances of anyone bringing COVID-19 into the workspace.

tested.me is a digital health pass which offers individuals, their employers and customers an interface to share their test results and verified vaccine status, within a data secure environment.

It means employers can manage employee health and wellness in a digital, secure and convenient way.

The UK-based app simplifies the administrative process of sourcing through each employee’s health records and makes it straightforward for both employers and staff to manage all this information in real time. An individual simply downloads the tested.me app onto their smartphone and uses it to register any tests, vaccinations or temperature checks they have taken.

They can share some or all of that information automatically with an organisation – for instance their employer, or a client site.

The SaaS dashboard integrates and automates staff data meaning the employer can see who is safe to come to work and who should self-isolate at home, or who has simply failed to take a test recently. They can allocate staff depending on availability and ensure those at home receive appropriate support. If anyone comes on site without a ‘low risk’ health status on the system, managers will be alerted, and the individual would be asked to take a test or self isolate.

Chief executive officer Simon Osman said: “We know COVID-19 testing and vaccination status is required by many workplaces as they begin to re-open, as part of employers’ duty of care to their employees and visitors.

That’s the problem we built tested.me to solve, quickly and conveniently for everyone involved. We are already supporting business with this next generation ‘tech for good’ platform. By combining ease of use, personal control of data and large-scale visitor management, tested.me is playing its part in helping the world recover from COVID-19 – allowing us to learn, work and socialise safely together again.”

The platform is working with businesses to bring in their technology back into the events and hospitality industry as it prepares to re-open this summer.

“We know many employees want to come back to work for at least part of the week, but when they do so they want to feel confident that their employer has done everything possible to make the workplace safe. As well as in many cases continuing social distancing and hygiene measures, many staff will be reassured if they know that their employer has confirmed that everybody on site has either been vaccinated or had a recent negative COVID-19 test.

“On the other hand, many people won’t necessarily want to share their test or vaccination status with colleagues. They want a simple, secure, confidential way of sharing verified health status information with their employer, and that’s what our app offers them.”

“For the employer, they get a real-time overview of who among their workforce is safe to come on site, without every member of management knowing each individual’s health situation.”

“Our app allows employees at all times to decide whether and how much information they share with their employer.”

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